Girus Chip

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The Girus Chip is a craftable post-Plantera crafting material that also drops from Corrupted T-Bots, Omega Androids, Prototype Omegas, Omega Space Paladins, Girus Attack Hovercopters and Girus Attack Drones.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Girus Chip (Redemption).gifGirus Chip
Girus Corruptor (Redemption).pngGirus Corruptor

Used in[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Corrupted Xenomite Headgear (Redemption).pngCorrupted Xenomite Headgear
Girus Corruptor (Redemption).pngGirus Corruptor
Corrupted Xenomite Breastplate (Redemption).pngCorrupted Xenomite Breastplate
Corrupted Xenomite Leggings (Redemption).pngCorrupted Xenomite Leggings

Corrupted Hero Sword (Redemption).pngCorrupted Hero Sword
Xeno Forge (Redemption).pngXeno Forge
Corrupted Worm Medallion (Redemption).pngCorrupted Worm Medallion
Girus Heavy Headgear (Redemption).pngGirus Heavy Headgear
Girus Heavy Breastplate (Redemption).pngGirus Heavy Breastplate
Girus Heavy Leggings (Redemption).pngGirus Heavy Leggings
File:Girus Tactical Headgear (Redemption).pngGirus Tactical Headgear
Girus Tactical Breastplate (Redemption).pngGirus Tactical Breastplate
File:Girus Tactical Leggings (Redemption).pngGirus Tactical Leggings
File:Girus Techmancer Headgear (Redemption).pngGirus Techmancer Headgear
File:Girus Techmancer Breastplate (Redemption).pngGirus Techmancer Breastplate
Girus Techmancer Leggings (Redemption).pngGirus Techmancer Leggings
File:Girus Overseer Headgear (Redemption).pngGirus Overseer Headgear
File:Girus Overseer Breastplate (Redemption).pngGirus Overseer Breastplate
Girus Overseer Leggings (Redemption).pngGirus Overseer Leggings
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