Hall of Heroes

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You feel like you're being watched...

... (debuff) (Redemption).png...

The Hall of Heroes is a structure that spawns underground. It is an ancient hall that displays four different statues; two of which are too destroyed to discern, and the intact ones depicting The Hallowed Knight and King Slayer III. At the bottom is an altar that drops a Cursed Gem when mined. Beyond that however, there is nothing of note in the Hall of Heroes.

While in the Hall of Heroes, the player will be afflicted with the ... debuff. This debuff has no functional effect.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Hall of Heroes
Unique Drops

From terrain:

Ancient Wood (Redemption).pngAncient Wood
Archcloth Banner (Redemption).pngArchcloth Banner

From plundering:

Cursed Gem (Redemption).pngCursed Gem
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