Heavily Infected

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Heavily Infected
Heavily Infected (Redemption).png
Type Debuff
Effects -10 health per second
++ melee, -- defense
-- movement speed
Tooltip "Xenomite is growing in your body..."

Heavily Infected is a debuff that shares the same effects as the Mildly Infected debuff, but with amplified effects. It causes the player to continuously take damage over time and greatly lower their defense and movement speed, but their melee damages are greatly increased. The exact effects are as follow:

  • -20 defense
  • -10 health per second
  • -80% movement speed
  • +50% melee damage

This debuff can be removed by drinking Anti-Crystallizer Serum, it can also be negated by wearing the Anti-Crystallizer Band, the HEV Suit or a full Xenomite armor.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From enemies[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Nerve Parasite (Redemption).pngNerve Parasite 4-6 seconds ?