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Redemption adds many Items... Yep.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Teddy (Redemption).pngAbandoned Teddy AI Chip (Redemption).gifAI Chip Ancient Brass Bar (Redemption).pngAncient Brass Bar
Ancient Brass Chunk (Redemption).pngAncient Brass Chunk Ancient Gold Coin (Redemption).pngAncient Gold Coin Ancient Power Core (Redemption).gifAncient Power Core
Ancient Power Fragment (Redemption).pngAncient Power Fragment Anglonic Mystic Blossom (Redemption).pngAnglonic Mystic Blossom Archcloth (Redemption).pngArchcloth
Artifical Muscle (Redemption).pngArtifical Muscle Bio-Weapon (Redemption).pngBio-Weapon Biohazard Particle (Redemption).pngBiohazard Particle
Black Gloop (Redemption).pngBlack Gloop Blackened Heart (Redemption).pngBlackened Heart Blood Shinkite (Redemption).pngBlood Shinkite
Broken Hero Stave (Redemption).pngBroken Hero Stave Carbon Myofibre (Redemption).pngCarbon Myofibre Coast Scarab Shell (Redemption).pngCoast Scarab Shell
Corrupted Starlite Bar (Redemption).pngCorrupted Starlite Bar Corrupted Xenomite (Redemption).gifCorrupted Xenomite Creation Fragment (Redemption).pngCreation Fragment
Cursed Gem (Redemption).pngCursed Gem Cursed Shinkite (Redemption).pngCursed Shinkite Cursed Thorn Piece (Redemption).pngCursed Thorn Piece
Cursed Thorns (Redemption).pngCursed Thorns Cyber Plating (Redemption).pngCyber Plating Cyberscrap (Redemption).pngCyberscrap
File:Datalog (Redemption).pngDatalog Dark Shard (Redemption).pngDark Shard Dragon-Lead Bar (Redemption).pngDragon-Lead Bar
Dragon-Lead Chunk (Redemption).pngDragon-Lead Chunk Empty Core (Redemption).pngEmpty Core Empty Mutagen (Redemption).pngEmpty Mutagen
Eye of the Eaglecrest Golem (Redemption).pngEye of the Eaglecrest Golem Floppy Disk (Redemption).pngFloppy Disk Forest Core (Redemption).pngForest Core
Galaxy Star (Redemption).pngGalaxy Star Gathic Cryo-Crystal (Redemption).pngGathic Cryo-Crystal Girus Chip (Redemption).gifGirus Chip
Gloom Mushroom (Redemption).pngGloom Mushroom Gold Chicken Egg (Redemption).pngGold Chicken Egg Hikarite Alloy (Redemption).gifHikarite Alloy
Holokey (Redemption).gifHolokey Icar's Flower (Redemption).pngIcar's Flower Infected Lens (Redemption).pngInfected Lens
Kanite Bar (Redemption).pngKanite Bar Kanite Ore (Redemption).pngKanite Ore Keycard (Redemption).pngKeycard
K.I.N.G Core (Redemption).pngK.I.N.G Core Large Lost Soul (Redemption).gifLarge Lost Soul Leather Pouch (Redemption).pngLeather Pouch
Living Twig (Redemption).pngLiving Twig Lost Soul (Redemption).gifLost Soul Magic Metal Polish (Redemption).pngMagic Metal Polish
Medal (Redemption).pngMedal Memory Chip (Redemption).pngMemory Chip File:Mk-1 Capacitor (Redemption).pngMk-1 Capacitor
Mk-1 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-1 Plating File:Mk-2 Capacitor (Redemption).pngMk-2 Capacitor Mk-2 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-2 Plating
File:Mk-3 Capacitor (Redemption).pngMk-3 Capacitor Mk-3 Plating (Redemption).pngMk-3 Plating Molten Scrap (Redemption).gifMolten Scrap
Moonflare Fragment (Redemption).gifMoonflare Fragment Mysterious Flower Petal (Redemption).pngMysterious Flower Petal Nightshade (Redemption).pngNightshade
Obliterator Brain (Redemption).pngObliterator Brain Plutonium (Redemption).pngPlutonium Pure-Iron Bar (Redemption).pngPure-Iron Bar
Rad Root (Redemption).pngRad Root Raw Xenium (Redemption).pngRaw Xenium Rusted Sword Fragment 1 (Redemption).pngRusted Sword Fragment 1
Rusted Sword Fragment 2 (Redemption).pngRusted Sword Fragment 2 Sapphire Bar (Redemption).pngSapphire Bar Sapphiron Ore (Redemption).pngSapphiron Ore
Scarlet Bar (Redemption).pngScarlet Bar Scarlion Ore (Redemption).pngScarlion Ore Scrap Metal (Redemption).pngScrap Metal
Shadesoul (Redemption).gifShadesoul Ship AFTL Engine (Redemption).pngShip AFTL Engine Ship Hull Plating (Redemption).pngShip Hull Plating
Ship Wiring Kit (Redemption).gifShip Wiring Kit Small Lost Soul (Redemption).gifSmall Lost Soul Small Shadesoul (Redemption).gifSmall Shadesoul
File:Solid Corium (Redemption).pngSolid Corium Soul of Bloom (Redemption).gifSoul of Bloom Starlite (Redemption).pngStarlite
Starlite Bar (Redemption).pngStarlite Bar Toxic Bile (Redemption).pngToxic Bile Tree Bug Shell (Redemption).pngTree Bug Shell
Unidentified Blueprints (Redemption).pngUnidentified Blueprints Unrefined Shinkite (Redemption).pngUnrefined Shinkite Uranium (Redemption).pngUranium
Vlitch Battery (Redemption).gifVlitch Battery Vlitch Scale (Redemption).pngVlitch Scale Xen Chomper (Redemption).pngXen Chomper
Xenium Bar (Redemption).gifXenium Bar Xenomite (Redemption).gifXenomite Xenomite Shard (Redemption).gifXenomite Shard

Consumables/Summon Items[edit | edit source]

Ancient Sigil (Redemption).gifAncient Sigil Anomaly Detector (Redemption).gifAnomaly Detector File:Anti Crystallizer Serum (Redemption).pngAnti Crystallizer Serum
File:Anti Xeno Solution (Redemption).pngAnti Xeno Solution Bile Arrow (Redemption).pngBile Arrow Bile Bullet (Redemption).pngBile Bullet
Bile Dart (Redemption).pngBile Dart Bio-Weapon Arrow (Redemption).pngBio-Weapon Arrow Bio-Weapon Bullet (Redemption).pngBio-Weapon Bullet
Bio-Weapon Dart (Redemption).pngBio-Weapon Dart Chalice of Alignment (Redemption).pngChalice of Alignment Charisma Potion (Redemption).pngCharisma Potion
Chicken (Redemption).pngChicken Chicken Egg (Redemption).pngChicken Egg Cloaker Device (Redemption).gifCloaker Device
Corrupted Hero Sword (Redemption).pngCorrupted Hero Sword Corrupted Worm Medallion (Redemption).pngCorrupted Worm Medallion Cyber Tech (Redemption).pngCyber Tech
Druid Essence (Redemption).pngDruid Essence Eaglecrest Spelltome (Redemption).pngEaglecrest Spelltome Egg Bomb (Redemption).pngEgg Bomb
Egg Crown (Redemption).pngEgg Crown Electronade (Redemption).pngElectronade Evil Jelly (Redemption).pngEvil Jelly
Explosive Barrel (Redemption).pngExplosive Barrel First-Aid Kit (Redemption).pngFirst-Aid Kit Flask of Bile (Redemption).pngFlask of Bile
Flask of Corrosion (Redemption).pngFlask of Corrosion Fly (Redemption).pngFly Fried Egg (Redemption).pngFried Egg
Fruit of Thorns (Redemption).pngFruit of Thorns Galaxy Heart (Redemption).pngGalaxy Heart Galaxy Stone (Redemption).gifGalaxy Stone
Grand Larva (Bait) (Redemption).pngGrand Larva (Bait) Heart of Thorns (Redemption).pngHeart of Thorns Hovercopter Radar (Redemption).gifHovercopter Radar
Lab Access Panel (Redemption).pngLab Access Panel Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate Medic Kit (Redemption).pngMedic Kit
Mini-Nuke (Redemption).pngMini-Nuke Moonflare Arrow (Redemption).pngMoonflare Arrow Mysterious Tablet (Redemption).pngMysterious Tablet
Nightshade Seeds (Redemption).pngNightshade Seeds Omega Radar (Redemption).gifOmega Radar Radiation Pill (Redemption).pngRadiation Pill
Sigil of Thorns (Redemption).gifSigil of Thorns Spices (Redemption).pngSpices Strange Contract (Redemption).pngStrange Contract
File:Terra Bomba (Redemption).pngTerra Bomba Vendetta Potion (Redemption).pngVendetta Potion Xeno Eye (Redemption).pngXeno Eye
Xeno Solution (Redemption).pngXeno Solution
Consumables: First-Aid Kit (Redemption).png Potions ( Vendetta Potion (Redemption).png Buff Potions ) • Egg Bomb (Redemption).png Thrown Weapons
Explosive Barrel (Redemption).png Ammunition • Magic Metal Polish (Redemption).png Materials ( Carbon Myofibre (Redemption).png Drops • Scarlion Ore (Redemption).png Ores and Molten Scrap (Redemption).gif Bars ) • Eaglecrest Spelltome (Redemption).png Miscellaneous

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