King Chicken's Royal Army

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The King Chicken's Royal Army is a Pre-Hardmode event. It is summoned with the Strange Contract, which is dropped from Chickman Cultists. The invasion is initially called the Chicken Invasion and features a number of semi-powerful enemies and loot, but after defeating Patient Zero, it will be upgraded to the King Chicken's Royal Army, with significantly more powerful enemies and rewards.

While King Chicken's Royal Army is active post-Patient Zero, its exclusive Music will play. If the Anti-Antti configuration setting is enabled, the vanilla track Pirate Invasion will play instead.

Contents[edit | edit source]

King Chicken's Royal Army
Characters Unique Drops
Chicken Calvary (Redemption).gifChicken Calvary
Chickman (Redemption).pngChickman
Greater Chickman (Redemption).gifGreater Chickman
Shielded Chickman (Redemption).pngShielded Chickman
Trojan Chicken (Redemption).pngTrojan Chicken(Miniboss)

Enemies (Post-Patient Zero):

Chicken Ballista (Redemption).pngChicken Ballista
Chicken Bomber (Redemption).gifChicken Bomber
Chickman Archmage (Redemption).pngChickman Archmage
Chickman Chickromancer (Redemption).pngChickman Chickromancer
Rooster King (Redemption).pngRooster King(Miniboss)
From Any (Post-Patient Zero):
Chick Launcher (Redemption).pngChick Launcher

From Chicken Bombers:

Egg Bomb (Redemption).pngEgg Bomb

From Shielded Chickmans:

Chickman Shield (Redemption).pngChickman Shield
Spiked Chickman Helm (Redemption).pngSpiked Chickman Helm

From Chickman Archmages:

Archmage's Enchantment (Redemption).pngArchmage's Enchantment
Archcloth (Redemption).pngArchcloth

From Chicken Calvarys:

Cavalry Lance (Redemption).pngCavalry Lance
Spiked Chickman Helm (Redemption).pngSpiked Chickman Helm

From Chicken Ballistas:

Hand-held Ballista (Redemption).pngHand-held Ballista

From Greater Chickmans:

Greater Chickman Escutcheon (Redemption).pngGreater Chickman Escutcheon

From Chickman Chickromancers:

Chickronomicon (Redemption).pngChickronomicon

From Shielded Chickmans:

Chickman Shield (Redemption).pngChickman Shield

From Rooster Kings:

Rooster Wings (Redemption).pngRooster Wings
Royal Battle Horn (Redemption).pngRoyal Battle Horn
Rooster King Mask (Redemption).pngRooster King Mask