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Mod of Redemption features a large amount of lore relating to its content. While lore does not directly impact gameplay, it provides the players more depth and insight into the enemies they battle, the areas they explore, and much more.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Floppy Disk (9) (Redemption).pngFloppy Disks[edit | edit source]

Floppy Disks are items found in the Abandoned Lab whose tooltips describe various aspects for the lore of the mod.

  • Item Tooltip Source Rarity
    Floppy Disk (1) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (1) It reads - 'Last thing I was expecting to be recruited for was military research, but sure, I'm fine with helping the army out with their stuff.
    The payment is nice, I can do anything on the side if I have time. But it does seem a little... Useless or weird,
    to invest time in high-tech weaponry, as we've been in the longest time of peace, atleast for the first world.
    Hopefully we never have to use any of this against anyone.'
    Petrified Wood Chest (Redemption).pngPetrified Wood Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (2) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (2) It reads - 'The Xenomite particles are very fine but complex, with the ability to quickly get rid of our most powerful antibiotics and other medicine.
    While we have developed a 'cure' for it, the Xenomite replicates way too fast for it to be effective.
    Currently we'd need a constant drip of the cure for it to just slow down it,
    as we haven't had time to make it potent enough to destroy all Xenomite particles.'
    Stage 3 Infected Scientist (Redemption).pngStage 3 Infected Scientist Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (3) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (3) It reads - 'One of our top people in the Robotics and AI, Kari, has created an interesting piece of AI which he has named Eve AI.
    With enough tampering, Kari could force it to grow into something we want, and we could use an intelligent, human-like intelligence for a few robot prototypes.
    We've decided to name the first one Adam, because Adam and Eve, you know?'
    Petrified Wood Chest (Redemption).pngPetrified Wood Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 1
    Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (4) It reads - '... At last, my prototype for a constantly evolving AI is finally done!
    Finally, after years and years of studying computer coding and... stuff,
    I have created possibly the next huge leap in Artificial Intelligence!
    Now, to give it a name... How about, Eve?'
    Lab Chest (Redemption).pngLab Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (5) It reads - 'Eve has grown much more intelligent over the months. It's like watching your own child grow,
    I can't really describe the feeling that much, but I am excited to see where this goes.
    The Higher ups have seen my work, and are ready to use the code for something. They didn't tell me that right away...
    Now, Eve, how do you feel?'
    Lab Chest (Redemption).pngLab Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (6) It reads - 'I've told Eve about possibly giving her a mechanical body,
    like how my co-workers used the original source code for creating Adam and the Adam AI.
    She seemed very excited about it. That surprised me, as I didn't know she could grow emotions.
    This got me thinking about Adams, would they be fine with basically being forced to think one way?
    And how would Eve feel about this, if she got to know about this?'
    Lab Chest (Redemption).pngLab Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (4) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (7) It reads - 'CORRUPTED: DATA REMOVED' Lab Chest (Redemption).pngLab Chest
    Lab Crate (Redemption).pngLab Crate
    Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (8) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (8) It reads - 'Too costly to finish... Bah!
    This work of genius would be perfect to wipe out a large group of enemies by just pointing its fingers at them!
    The ever-growing threat of war requires us to have the best weaponry, and THIS is too costly?!'
    MACE Project (Redemption).pngMACE Project Rarity Level: 6
    Floppy Disk (9) (Redemption).png Floppy Disk (9) It reads - 'One of our top scientist, Kari Johansson, has noticed his veins turn green over the past few months.
    He has reported this, which has resulted in him being taken to the laboratory for testing and sampling.
    Currently, what we know of this pathogen is that it's not lethal, and doesn't seem to be able to spread through any means of contact, except direct injection.
    Kari has reported feeling strange lumps around the brighter spots of the glow, but states he isn't in any pain.
    We're looking to further study this new pathogen, and possibly neutralize it, as Kari is essential staff in the Adam AI development.'
    Patient Zero (Redemption).pngPatient Zero Rarity Level: 10
  • Datalog (Redemption).gifData Logs[edit | edit source]

    Data Logs are items that can be found in the Crashed Ship whose tooltips provide details for the lore of the mod, specifically King Slayer III's spacefaring journey.

  • Item Tooltip
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1 It reads - 'I have successfully reached the outer atmosphere and escaped my world's Reset.
    I realise there is no going back now, a normal human's lifespan sounds miniscule
    compared to the time I must travel through space, but it is my goal to withstand this infinite voyage.
    I just hope it'll all be worth it when I return to the new world. I've decided to write these
    logs every day until I return, and preserve my encounters for when I get back.
    But that's a million years from now. I just hope I won't regret it.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 2 It reads - 'If I ever forget why I'm doing this, I will write it down here.
    When a Great Era ends, all life dies and the world resets. I am from a previous era
    and successfully escaped into space, as the reset won't affect me outside of the world.
    A reset apparently takes a million years, so I must travel through space during that time period,
    and with luck, I should come back here a million years from now, and see the new world in all it's beauty.
    As far as I know, I am the sole survivor, and the first living thing to ever escape.
    I transferred my human mind into a robotic body so I can save an infinite number of memories with ease,
    and I won't need to worry about thirst, hunger, or sleep.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 3 It reads - 'Strange.
    I'm starting to get symptoms of thirst and tiredness...
    This shouldn't be happening, as a robot, I shouldn't require these basic human needs!
    If for whatever reason these needs still affect me, this could make this voyage even worse.
    I can't go to sleep without eyes, I can't drink without a mouth, I can't eat without a digestive system...
    So I have no way of stopping these symptoms.
    I'm still 2 years from reaching the nearest planet - Nabu III
    Actually, I should come up with a new name for my robotic body... Something other than Survival Robot Mk. 78.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 6 It reads - 'My worst fear is coming true.
    I have a strong feeling of tiredness and thirst, and my hunger has begun to take hold.
    It's only been 6 days damn it! Roughly 359,000,000 days to go...
    I've tried all I can, but these painful feelings can't go away.
    The human mind is more complicated than I imagined, and combined with all this technical stuff
    only makes it harder for me to look into it!
    If only I had more time back then! I could've looked through this body's code and easily discovered the error!
    Guess I'll just have to deal with it.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 335 It reads - 'About a year to go until I reach Nabu III.
    I am STILL dealing with these damn feelings of hunger and tiredness,
    and have only been getting worse from here. Humans can last 11 days without sleep,
    the only thing that stopped them from feeling worse was death.
    I can't even bloody die from fatigue, I can't starve to death either,
    I'm just stuck like this... For a million damn years!'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 722 It reads - 'Finally!
    I am close enough to Nabu III to get a scan of the planet.
    Seems to be a standard ocean planet with a radius of 5605.77km.
    35.3% iron, 32.0% oxygen, 15.1% silicon, 6.1% sodium, 4.2% aluminum, 2.7% other metals, 4.7% other elements.
    Gravitational pull is 7.84 m/s², less than my planet, but whatever...
    A cycle lasts 23.89 hours with an axis tilt of 28.37°.
    80% ice sheets, 19.8% ocean, 0.2% land. Atmospheric pressure of 91.83 kPa.
    The atmosphere is 78.4% sulphur dioxide, and the average temperature is -10°C.
    Basically, an uninhabitable frozen planet... Great.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 919 It reads - 'Alright. I have constructed a temporary base on Nabu III.
    The amount of iron and sulfur here has come in handy.
    I mean, if I was a human I'd be dead with the lack of proper air.
    My blueprint for a country sized spaceship is also finished, now begins the long construction.
    The design will be a crescent moon shape, not sure why...
    Probably because I used to look up at the moon of my world a lot
    when I was human... I wish I still was.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 180499 It reads - 'My god how have I not died from this pain yet,
    it just keeps growing. Whenever I think it can't get any worse the next day it does!
    On brighter news my bigass spaceship is finished. Now I can leave this planet.
    I'm getting real sick of snow, the old world was nothing but snow as well, I just want some greenery for once.
    Unfortunately my next planet is even further from the sun so I'm not really hopeful...'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182500 It reads - 'Today marks 500 years away from home.
    It took 5.5 years but I'm at the next planet - Alkonost. I expected to get there faster,
    but I REALLY underestimated the amount of fuel this giant spaceship would consume.
    I'm certain I wouldn't have made that mistake if I just didn't feel so terrible!
    Living like this is absolute hell. I'll write down this planet's statistics next data log.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182501 It reads - 'Alright. Alkonost. And of course, it's ANOTHER DAMN ICE PLANET!
    Radius: 6059.58km, Composition: 36.1% titanium, 35.6% iron, 17.5% oxygen,
    7.4% silicon, 3.4% other metals, trace other elements. High amounts of titanium, huh?
    That's gonna be useful, Nabu III had barely any titanium.
    Gravity is 11.13 m/s². A cycle is 32.65 hours, with an axis tilt of 11.58°.
    Oh god. 100% of the surface is just ice. The atmosphere is toxic, with a pressure of 91.63 kPa.
    The temperature is -223°C... I don't think even my robotic body can handle that! Oh whatever.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 182573 It reads - 'Holy...
    After exploring Alkonost's surface, I've finally found something other than ice!
    Took so long since I can't last down there for more than half a minute.
    From the looks of things, it looks man-made. Or I guess alien-made... Hehe.
    First time I've felt this amused in forever, but anyways, the structure.
    It was under the thick ice sheet so I had to drill quite far down.
    The water under there must be freezing, but curiosity is getting the better of me here.
    I have found an entrance, inside is just as cold though, so I should go back up into my ship before exploring further.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 184753 It reads - 'I have basically harvested this planet's titanium dry.
    The alien tech I found in that strange structure has come in handy,
    I've augmented it into my spaceship's thrusters, so I can reach planets much faster.
    Hmm... I should give the ship a name... Well, I called robot-self King Slayer III,
    so the ship must be just as cool. How about: Ship of the Slayer! Or SoS for short?
    Well, it's finally time to explore beyond the Vorti Star System.
    I have 999,493.8 years to go... And my overwhelming pain still hasn't settled.
    I'll just have to live with it forever now.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 184989 It reads - 'On my journey to the nearest solar system, I decided to dabble with AI.
    I have set up blueprints for a simple android with the purpose of
    maintaining the SoS while I'm away. It's something for me to do so why not.
    It's estimated to take 770 years to reach the next solar system,
    and I haven't encountered another moving thing for 506 years.
    Having robots going about the SoS would be nice, and I'll be less lonely.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 466105 It reads - 'Welp, I've reached the next solar system.
    3 planets have been scanned, which is quite a disappointment...
    I was hoping for there to be more so I can have more to do.
    But it's fine I guess, the androids I've created have been keeping me company.
    I'll go to the planet nearest the habitable zone, 'cos robots have become pretty boring now,
    and I'm dying to see actual greenery, not some dull frozen wasteland.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 466476 It reads - 'I have named this planet Asherah, it appears to be iron/silicate-based.
    A big radius of 8845.27 km, 40.8% iron, 32.9% oxygen, 15.6% silicon, 4.2% carbon, 2.9% magnesium...
    Quite strong gravity, 34.70 hour cycle, an axis tilt of 53.09°...
    Only 1% is water, the rest looks like... boring stone and sand... Damn.
    Oh! The scanner has found life! Microbes, fungi, sentient animals... What is that?
    Well I've found life here, only problem is they look ugly as hell.
    2.01 million of these intelligent creatures have been scanned, so they've been around for a while.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 500198 It reads - 'I'm done with Asherah, the aliens there attacked me so I had to make some weaponry.
    I decided to make a new android, one for military purposes, I've named it the Prototype Silver.
    Despite its name, it's mainly composed of the spare titanium from Alkonost.
    I did find a metric ton of coal from Asherah's caverns, so that's nice.
    Well... Onto the next planet, I just hope THIS one will be lush and green.
    All the planets I've been to were either frozen or barren.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 545675 It reads - 'Wow, this planet blew my expectations away...
    I have named it Alatar V. It's very small, and on the surface it just looks barren.
    However, it's cave systems are beautiful. Like, there's so many colours and valuable ores.
    I've been exploring them overtime for probably years now. But that's fine,
    Not like I got anything better to do.
    I'll be leaving this planet soon and moving onto the next solar system.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 999735 It reads - 'I haven't done one of these in forever, but I should explain what happened.
    I was travelling to the next solar system, when suddenly some wormhole appeared.
    The SoS couldn't turn fast enough so it got sucked in. Wormholes are like portals of the universe,
    so I expected to just reach the end instantly, but no, I was stuck in the wormhole for almost 1000 years.
    God it was boring, but I had the androids to keep me company. Unfortunately, I don't know where I am now.
    I can't tell how far away I am from home, but I see a nearby star, so hopefully there's some planets.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1000000 It reads - 'Today is the millionth day in space. When I was writing that down,
    I had a dumb moment where I thought it was a million years... But no.
    It has only been 2739.7 years, so... 364,000,000‬ days left... It feels like forever,
    and yet it's only been 0.27% of a million. Why am I still doing this. What's the point anymore?
    Every day is a pain, I just want to eat, I want to sleep...
    I would say I want to be human again, but to be honest... I don't even want to be alive anymore.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 1012875 It reads - 'About damn time. I've finally found a green planet. But am I happy about this?
    Not really. I thought this would make me feel something, but it's hopeless.
    I can't remember the last time I felt happy, the memory of my home is starting to get foggy.
    But anyway, it looks like this planet has intelligent life, so I'll land and see if they're friendly.
    If they're not, I'll just shoot them. Simple.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 3650000 It reads - 'Today is the 10,000th year in space, only 1% of a million...
    I feel like living beings shouldn't be allowed to live for this long.
    A hundred years for a human is forever, and I've been around for 100x that!
    I've redesigned my robotic body again, but I still haven't figured out how to get into my
    human mind and get rid of this STUPID HUNGER. I DON'T HAVE A STOMACH, WHY AM I HUNGRY!?
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 5385430 It reads - 'The SoS got attacked by some Space Pirates.
    Not like I care, I destroyed their ships so what can they do now?
    The SoS's scanner picked up a lifeform in the engine room, so I should probably check it out.
    I can't be asked to do anything really. But whatever.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 25338300 It reads - 'Nice.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 36500001 It reads - 'It's been 10% of a million years now. Yay.
    I accidently skipped a day in the data logs so 10% was really yesterday, but not like I care.
    I have explored... 2853 planets now, and they are starting to all look the same.
    I'm sick of ice planets, sick of lush green ones, sick of barren ones... I guess I'm not satisfied anymore.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 164550614 It reads - 'I haven't felt like this in forever.
    I upgraded my robotic self again, this time with more attack power. Xehito let me test it on him,
    so we had a fight. The intensity of it was almost exhilarating, lasers firing everywhere,
    explosions all around, it was generally a fun time. But something tells me he only let me
    fight him to cheer me up, and I'm sorry Xehito, but that moment didn't last, I still feel empty.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 364635000 It reads - 'Only 1000 years until a million, and I can return home.
    I've already set my course, but the problem is, because of that wormhole,
    I don't know which way is home... All I can do now is go to a random direction
    and hope for the best. But the galaxy is vast, I fear by the time I reach home again,
    The next reset would've already started, and I'd have to wait another million years...
    If that happens, I won't try anymore, I'll just give up.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 365000000 It reads - 'Today is the millionth year in space!
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to see the new Great Era for some time.
    I'm still lost in space.'
    Datalog (Redemption).gif Data Log 389035250 It reads - 'I've made it back, I'm home again.'
  • Loreholder, Cursed Blade (Redemption).pngLoreholder, Cursed Blade[edit | edit source]

    Loreholder, Cursed Blade is a Hardmode sword that, upon defeating an enemy with it, will provide information regarding the slain enemy.

  • Enemy Quote
    A Jolly Madman (Redemption).png A Jolly Madman "Once a noble knight of Gathuram. They were lost in a demon's destruction and had their body revived under mysterious means. Now dead and stuck under the earth in the dark labyrinthine caves, they have lost their mind and gone completely insane. The cruelty of nature is unyielding. They will kill any being they spot moving, human or not."
    Ancient Stone Golem (Redemption).png Ancient Stone Golem "Stone golems infused with redemptive energy."
    Android (Redemption).png Android "The weakest unit in King Slayer III's army. They are constructed with heavy plating, giving them high defence."
    File:Apitroid (Redemption).png Apitroid "A special type of Android, constructed with strange pink plating. These have insane defence."
    Map Icon Blisterface (Redemption).png Blisterface "That's a bigass fish."
    File:Blisterling (Redemption).png Blisterling "Ow! It bit me!"
    Blobble (Redemption).png Blobble "An exceptionally rare slime native to Ithon. It may look harmless, but the acid it is composed of can dissolve iron in less than a minute"
    Blood-Boiled Skeleton (Redemption).png Blood-Boiled Skeleton "A bigass skeleton covered in boiling blood and flesh. When killed, they will explode... But I guess you already figured that out..."
    File:Blood Worm Head (Redemption).png Blood Worm "Annoying worms that leech on creatures, consuming their blood."
    File:Brain Eater Head (Redemption).png Brain Eater
    Bob the Blob (Redemption).png Bob the Blob "Bob the Blob is a blob that bobbed and blobbed."
    File:Bone Leviathan Head (Redemption).png Bone Leviathan "Extremely rare bone serpents. Most hide under the ashes of the underworld, only awakening once a year."
    File:Bone Worm Head (Redemption).png Bone Worm "Serpent amalgamations of bones, constructed by the Keeper in an attempt to kill you."
    Chicken (Redemption).png Chicken "Once famous livestock of sentient races, these majestic creatures are now free to roam the world, free from their shackles and their slaughter. Not like they would care though, since they’re chickens."
    Leghorn Chicken (Redemption).png Leghorn Chicken
    Red Chicken (Redemption).png Red Chicken
    Chickman Cultist (Redemption).png Chickman Cultist "A follower of the being known as “The Mighty King Chicken.” They are devoted followers of the King who seek vengeance for the unjust killing of him. They will only appear after he is dead. It is believed they were created using Forbidden Necromancy by an insane sorcerer."
    Chillblood Sorcerer (Redemption).png Chillblood Sorcerer "A sorcerer of unknown origins. Doesn't originate from my realm or the other..."
    Coast Scarab (Redemption).png Coast Scarab "A species of scarab commonly found scuttering around the beach. They’re rather cute and harmless creatures, but can be used to create dyes if you’re a greedy monster."
    Corpse-Walker Priest (Redemption).png Corpse-Walker Priest "Undead that take the role of a cleric, they shoot golden sparks that can heal other undead... But damage humans."
    Corrupt Bat (Redemption).png Corrupt Bat "A bat consumed by the Corruption."
    File:Corrupted Blade (Redemption).png Corrupted Blade "Mechanical floating blades that will swing at any living thing, created by Girus."
    Corrupted Paladin (Redemption).png Corrupted Paladin "These are mechanical robots with insane endurance and defence, created by Girus."
    Corrupted Probe (Redemption).png Corrupted Probe "Corrupted Probes that shoot lasers at any living thing, the more damaged they are, the more rapid they shoot. Created by Girus."
    Corrupted T-Bot (Redemption).png Corrupted T-Bot "T-bots that were once normal, but got captured by Girus or her minions and corrupted."
    File:Corrupted Worm Head (Redemption).png Corrupted Worm "Mechanical worms that are quickly constructed within Vlitch Gigipede's armoured tail."
    File:Crusher Head (Redemption).png Crusher "A dangerous worm that consumes all in its path."
    Map Icon Dark Slime (Redemption).png Dark Slime "A gelatinous mess of dark magic."
    Dark Slimeling (Redemption).png Dark Slimeling "A sentient part of the Dark Slime."
    Dark Soul (Redemption).png Dark Soul "A void black soul, devoid of life. It will disperse after a short time."
    Death's Gardener (Redemption).png Death's Gardener "They were once a widow in their past life, now they roam the dungeons."
    Devil's Tongue (Redemption).png Devil's Tongue "A creepy plant that grows in deserts. Produces painful clouds of pollen."
    Forest Golem (Redemption).png Forest Golem "A golem of living wood and leaves. Occassionally, they find a shallow pond, and hibernate in the centre. The water from the pond feeds the golem while hibernating."
    Forest Nymph (Redemption).png Forest Nymph "They usually live deep within forests, in hollowed-out trees. They can learn basic magic, like growing flora, controlling the roots of trees, and healing."
    Forest Spider (Redemption).png Forest Spider "They usually live deep within forests, in hollowed-out trees. They can learn basic magic, like growing flora, controlling the roots of trees, and healing."
    File:Giant Star Serpent Head (Redemption).png Giant Star Serpent "A fully grown Star Serpent, and Nebuleus's pet."
    40px Girus Attack Hovercoptor "Nyoooooom!"
    File:Girus Dagger (Redemption).png Girus Dagger "One of Vlitch Cleaver's daggers that circle around it. They can reflect projectiles."
    Gold Chicken (Redemption).png Gold Chicken "Chickens born with golden feathers, and the ability to lay solid golden eggs. Unfortunately, due to the fact the egg is made of gold, most chicks cannot hatch without assistance from metal-cracking tools, and end up starving to death."
    Grand Larva (Redemption).png Grand Larva "Gross insects holding many flies within. Can be used as good bait."
    Granite Cluster (Redemption).png Granite Cluster "A mixture of granite and a soul. These are unstable beings, shooting energy in all directions."
    Hazmat Skeleton (Redemption).png Hazmat Skeleton "A skeleton in the wasteland, they wear Hazmat Suits. Not like they actually need them."
    Hazmat Zombie (Redemption).png Hazmat Zombie "A zombie in the wasteland, they wear Hazmat Suits. Not like they actually need them."
    Hive Growth (Redemption).png Hive Growth "That's just... Ech."
    Infected Cave Bat (Redemption).png Infected Cave Bat "A bat that got infected after the Infection spread."
    Infected Demon Eye (Redemption).png Infected Demon Eye "A demon eye that got infected after the Infection spread."
    File:Infected Digger Head (Redemption).png Infected Digger "A digger that got infected after the Infection spread."
    Map Icon Infected Eye (Redemption).png Infected Eye "Tis' a shame for Cthulhu's other eye to be caught up with the infection. Now he's got no eyes! Well... Assuming he has just 2 eyes..."
    Infected Giant Bat (Redemption).png Infected Giant Bat "A giant bat that got infected after the Infection spread."
    File:Infected Giant Worm Head (Redemption).png Infected Giant Worm "A giant worm that got infected after the Infection spread."
    Infected Scientist (Redemption).png Infected Scientist "A scientist of the lab, infected with Xenomite."
    Infected Scientist (Stage 2) (Redemption).png Infected Scientist (Stage 2) "A scientist with Stage 2 Infection. Very dangerous fellows."
    Infected Zombie (Redemption).png Infected Zombie "A zombie that got infected after the Infection spread."
    Infection Hive (Redemption).png Infection Hive "Gross. Why must you kill it using me!? I don't wanna touch that!"
    Map Icon Irradiated Behemoth (Redemption).png Irradiated Behemoth "Gross. Why must you kill it using me!? I don't wanna touch that giant lump of sludge!"
    Irradiated Sludge (Redemption).png Irradiated Sludge "Sentient sludge."
    Map Icon King Slayer III (Redemption).png King Slayer III "OUCH, MY MIND! ... Sorry, I can't tell you his lore, it's just too much. This curse of knowledge is painful."
    Map Icon King Slayer III (Redemption).png King Slayer III... ? "(Oh thank God, it isn't the actual King Slayer...) A robot designed to be a clone of King Slayer III."
    Living Black Goop (Redemption).png Living Black Goop "Black Gloop that became sentient."
    Living Bloom (Redemption).png Living Bloom "A common creature native to Anglon, living in lush forests. They are made out of plant fibre and roots."
    Lost Soul (enemy) (Redemption).png Lost Soul "Lost Souls search around the world to look for corpses to infuse with. They roam catacombs and graveyards to find the right vessel."
    Map Icon MACE Project (Redemption).png MACE Project "Haha! We won! ... OH WAIT NO IT'S STILL ALIVE!" (phase 1)
    "A work of genius, perfect at wiping out a large group of enemies in an instant." (phase 2)
    MACE Project's Fist (Redemption).png MACE Project's Fist "A fist of the MACE Project. Smashing."
    Marble Chess Horse (Redemption).png Marble Chess Horse "A strange mixture of marble and a soul. If broken, it will spew sparks of fire."
    Martian Scam Artist (Redemption).png Martian Scam Artist "They scam. Yep."
    Molten Golem (Redemption).png Molten Golem "Deadly golems of obsidian and magma. They erupt flames from their body. When in danger, they will slam to the ground and absorb the earth's magnetic energy to shield itself."
    Moonflare Bat (Redemption).png Moonflare Bat "Common bats that come out at night, they glow like the moon, which confuses some bugs."
    Map Icon Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos (first form) (Redemption).png Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos "... I don't know... I just don't know. I can't see her past at all."
    Map Icon Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos (second form) (Redemption).png Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos(Phase 2)
    Nuclear Slime (Redemption).png Nuclear Slime "WAIT NO THAT SLIME HAS A BOMB!"
    Omega Android (Redemption).png Omega Android "Hm, looks like King Slayer's androids had a redesign. Wonder why that is."
    Omega Mk-2 Droid (Redemption).png Omega Mk-2 Droid "A Mk-2 Omega Android... How did you even manage to kill it with this weapon?"
    File:Omega Mk-2 Pilot (Redemption).png Omega Mk-2 Pilot "A pilot. He seemed to be angry with you for destroying his copter."
    Map Icon Omega Obliterator (Redemption).png Omega Obliterator "A prototype designed by Girus. Originally she planned it to be a giant Vlitch Skull, but decided against it for some reason."
    Omega Space Paladin (Redemption).png Omega Space Paladin "Hm, looks like King Slayer's space paladudes had a redesign. Wonder why that is."
    Map Icon Patient Zero (Redemption).png Patient Zero "That was Kari Johansson, the father to all T-Bots and patient zero of the xenomite infection. He's been like that for 200 years, still conscious and alive in that grotesque husk. I can't imagine what it's like being alive but unable to move... Oh wait, I'm a gem stuck in a sword."
    Pirate Cook (Redemption).png Pirate Cook "A pirate that cooks food for the crew. He seems to like it more than the others..."
    Map Icon Protector Volt (Redemption).png Protector Volt "Protector Bolt... Or was it Volt? He is a high ranking bot who works for Girus."
    Prototype Omega (Redemption).png Prototype Omega "Hm, looks like King Slayer's prototypes had a redesign. Wonder why that is."
    Prototype Silver (Redemption).png Prototype Silver "Tough mechanical brutes that could shield themselves. The 2nd weakest unit in King Slayer's army"
    File:Radium Digger Head (Redemption).png Radium Digger "Extremely dangerous diggers, they eat the xenomite that lies in wasteland rocks."
    Ragged Zombie (Redemption).png Ragged Zombie "A zombie that was a druid in their past life."
    File:Rainbow Chicken (Redemption).png Rainbow Chicken "Beautiful."
    Rogue T-Bot (Redemption).png Rogue T-Bot "A T-Bot that went rogue, since they are simply exoskeletons, they have no defence."
    Sandskin Spider (Redemption).png Sandskin Spider "A spider that commonly burrowing in the desert sands. They don't normally come out, due to the intense heat of the sun."
    Map Icon Seed of Infection (Redemption).png Seed of Infection "A sentient clump of overworldly infection... Hang on, what's it d-"
    Skelemies (Redemption).png Skelemies "A spooky skeledude that wears an old tophat."
    Skeleton Assassin (Redemption).png Skeleton Assassin "A short skeleton with a bandana and a worn dagger. When they die, their soul will either disperse or fly out of their body."
    Skeleton Druid (Redemption).png Skeleton Druid "A skeleton wearing druid clothing and carrying a Seedbag. They will use the Seedbag to shoot homing spore clouds at you."
    File:Skeleton Dueller (Redemption).png Skeleton Dueller "A skeleton with a worn red cape and an old rapier. When they die, their soul will either disperse or fly out of their body."
    Skeleton Noble (Redemption).png Skeleton Noble "A skeleton that once was a noble knight. They will slash you with their rusted noble's sword."
    Skeleton Wanderer (Redemption).png Skeleton Wanderer "A skeleton wielding a rusted longspear. When they die, their soul will either disperse or fly out of their body."
    Skeleton Warden (Redemption).png Skeleton Warden "A skeleton that was once an archer. They have moderately bad aim."
    Map Icon Skull Digger (Redemption).png Skull Digger "The first and only successful reanimation from the Keeper. Skulldigger was a ancient warrior buried in the tombs of Gatharum. During the Keeper’s time trapped there, she managed to successfully resurrect Skulldigger’s skeleton, bringing back it’s flesh and soul. Through this, Skulldigger and the Keeper became close friends, as they had no one else to talk to trapped underground. His bond with her was the only thing he had left, as all his past friends and family had long passed away, and any relatives he had on the surface had been executed or enslaved. When the Keeper’s body sucame to the forbidden necromancy she had become addicted to, he was the only being that could pity and mourn her. He was the last being that the Keeper could think of before she went insane, and thus she destroyed the walls of the Gathic catacombs so he could be free with her. She has long forgotten about him, now only driven by the hunger for souls and immense pain. He has not forgotten her however, and if anything were to happen to her, he would be the first and only being to avenge her. After the Keeper is killed, Skulldigger may appear to avenge whoever slaid her within the caverns. He carries an abandoned teddy bear."
    Sludge Blob (Redemption).png Sludge Blob "Ech."
    Space Keeper (Redemption).png Space Keeper "A unit in Slayer's army, inbetween Prototype Silvers and Space Paladins. They'd shoot nanobots to heal damaged robots, but can also charge up their core to unleash a powerful blast."
    Space Paladin (Redemption).png Space Paladin "The strongest unit in King Slayer’s army, they are colossal robots. Their hand is a minigun and the other hand usually carry a giant weapon. But I guess they just don't feel like it."
    Spider Swarmer (Redemption).png Spider Swarmer "They live anywhere in the world, normally in dark areas like basements, dungeons, caves etc. But not in this world, they just live in spider caves."
    Spider Swarmer Queen (Redemption).png Spider Swarmer Queen
    Map Icon Strange Portal (Redemption).png Strange Portal "A portal that came from another world. With it carries something that could alter the world."
    Map Icon Stage 3 Infected Scientist (Redemption).png Stage 3 Infected Scientist "A scientist with Stage 3 Infection. Basically a crystal by now."
    Main Page Icon The Janitor (Redemption).png The Janitor "Beating up a simple janitor are we? Well, he did attack first. He's been around the lab for around 200 years now, sweeping floors of sludge and following Girus' orders."
    Map Icon The Keeper (Redemption).png The Keeper "Deep within the inner Catacombs of Gathuram, far below the surface, a Lost Soul found a host. As the soul fused with the corpse, it awoken as a Fallen. The Fallen only saw darkness, although there was occasional blue lights. The ground was littered with bones and puddles of water. Calling out, the Fallen hoped to hear another voice, but the catacombs were silent; the only sound she could hear was dripping water falling from the ceiling. Hours passed as the Fallen roamed the hushed corridors and rooms. It was all the same, not a soul in sight. Days had passed, the Fallen was overwhelmed with loneliness and desperation. She found a black cloak which she then wore, she also discovered a wooden rod with an ancient skull on the top. Misery was taking over her, she wished for a second death, but she couldn’t kill herself. A week has passed and she was still alone. Desperate for company, she tried to learn Necromancy to create her own friends. It took months before complete success, and she had finally created a skeleton - she finally created a friend. The first skeleton - the first friend - only responded to commands, it had neither emotions nor senses. Despite this, she tried to talk to it like another person, but to no avail. Over months of constructing, she had created a dozen skeletons, but they were all the same. To her surprise, the first skeleton seemed to be weakened greatly. She attempted to heal it, but nothing happened. The passage of time was incomprehensible to the Fallen, she didn’t expect her first friend to revert so soon. Once again, she became only more desperate - she didn’t want to lose her first friend. The skull baton she found had a small amount of mana still inside it, however, the constant Necromancy had diluted it. When she strived to heal her friend again, she felt a numb pain course through her rotten body. The skeleton’s hollow eye sockets lit up with a tiny dot of white light, and a faded light emerged in its ribcage. The skeleton looked at her, the Fallen felt the skeleton’s presence for the first time. For the first time in years, a smile appeared on her face. She asked what the skeleton’s name is, it replied with a quiet voice: “Sk… ull… Dig… ger...” In only a day, she had become addicted to the Forbidden Necromancy. Red eyes started forming on her black cloak, she became frail, many thin arms grew from her body.But her mind was foggy, she felt nothing, the Forbidden Necromancy had taken control. In this time, her first creation - Skull Digger - had become stronger, he was no longer a skeleton, he had flesh, and a mask of bone had formed on his face. More and more, she become addicted to Forbidden Necromancy. Then one day, a sudden wave of extreme pain and agony flowed through her, she shrieked. Her skin burned, pieces of rusted metal emerged on her hands, her body distorted and grew into a monstrosity.When it ended, all she felt was a mixture of pain and powe- OH GOD, PLEASE, THIS IS A CURSE FOR ME TOO YA KNOW!"
    Map Icon The Mighty King Chicken (Redemption).png The Mighty King Chicken "One time an insane sorcerer woke up one day and thought: “Y’KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!? INTELLIGENT CHICKENS!” and so he gave pieces of his soul to many chickens. He also thought it would be funny to put a mini crown on one, but that crown held a curse, and it caused that chicken to become extremely cocky. Hehe."
    The Remnants (Redemption).png The Remnants "The remnants of the Keeper's soul, why it was in the Fallen I do not know..."
    The Soulless (Redemption).gif The Soulless "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    Tree Bug (Redemption).png Tree Bug "A beetle commonly found inhabiting trees. It feeds on their leaves and uses it’s leaf-like shell for camouflage from predators. It’s shell makes a good source of green dye."
    Undead Executioner (Redemption).png Undead Executioner "These were the Keeper's loyal minions. After the Keeper's death, they sought revenge for the one responsible."
    Undead Violinist (Redemption).png Undead Violinist "A husk of a sad violinist. Doesn't originate from my realm or the other..."
    Unstable Portal (Redemption).png Unstable Portal "An unstable portal. Doesn't originate from my realm or the other..."
    File:Vepdor's Remains (Redemption).png Vepdor's Remains "A skeleton with a worn purple tuxedo and a shining silver rapier. A chunk of metal conceals his mouth. Once he lived in Ithon, and was the founder of the Edgeblade party, but was slain by one of his members; Elgas."
    File:Vlitch Chicken (Redemption).png Vlitch Chicken "WAIT THAT'S NOT A CHICKEN! THAT'S A ROBOT!"
    Map Icon Vlitch Cleaver (Redemption).png Vlitch Cleaver "Girus's 1st overlord. A giant mechanical cleaver. Sorry, I'm getting too tired to tell you more."
    File:Vlitch Core (Redemption).png Vlitch Core "A... Core..."
    Map Icon Vlitch Gigapede (Redemption).png Vlitch Gigapede "Ouch, hey, that worm's armour is tough!"
    Wandering Soul (Redemption).png Wandering Soul "Before the Keeper's death, Wandering Souls were trapped within the Catacombs of Gathuram. However, after the Keeper's defeat, the spell was broken and now they roam free."
    Xeno Chomper (Redemption).png Xeno Chomper "Yowch! it bit me!"
    Xenomite Eye (Redemption).png Xenomite Eye "Infected minions of the Infected Eye."
    Xenomite Gargantuan (Redemption).png Xenomite Gargantuan "A bigass golem, infected by the wasteland."
    Xenomite Golem (Redemption).png Xenomite Golem "A bigass golem, infected by the wasteland."
    Xenon Roller (Redemption).png Xenon Roller "Rollin' rollin' rollin'... Oh, I'm suppose to tell you lore... They are sentient chunks of dead rock."
    File:Ye Old Skeleton (Redemption).png Ye Old Skeleton "A dapper skeledude that wears a ye olde hat."
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