Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos

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Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos
Nebuleus (Redemption).gif
Damage0 (contact)
Max LifePhase 1: 650,000 / 715,000 Total: ??? / 1,210,000
KB Resist100%
Map Icon Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos (first form) (Redemption).png
Map Icon
Giant Star Serpent
Giant Star Serpent (Redemption).png
Max Life450000
KB Resist100%

Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos is a post-Moon Lord boss that can be fought after Patient Zero. She is currently the final boss of Mod of Redemption.

While Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos is alive, her exclusive Music will play. If the Anti-Antti configuration setting is enabled, the vanilla track Moon Lord will play instead.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Nebuleus is summoned using a Galaxy Stone at night. She will not spawn if The Keeper hasn't been defeated or your Alignment is below Zero.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Nebuleus is a stationary boss that floats slowly. She will teleport after an attack, or if the player is too far away. Every time she loses 25% of her HP, she will drop a large number of hearts and Nebula Boosters.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

At the start of the fight, Nebuleus summons her Giant Star Serpent. While it is alive, Nebuleus is immune to damage and shoots bursts of arcing stars. Once the Star Serpent has been killed for the first time, she will never summon it in subsequent battles.

When the Giant Star Serpent is defeated, Nebuleus will begin attacking, with the attacks depend on how low her health is. Each attack is called out as dialogue above Nebuleus' head.

  • While above 75% life:
    • Star Blast - Shoots multiple stars from self that slowly curve left or right, 3 times.
    • Starfall - Rains a mass of stars down at the player’s location.
    • Piercing Nebula - Shoots 3 projectiles directly at the player, they have rapid speed. One of the projectiles is linear, and the other 2 curve like a wave to and from the linear one.
    • Star Vortex - Spawns a vortex that randomly shoots out stars.
  • While between 75% and 50% life:
    • Star Blast, Starfall, Piercing Nebula, Star Vortex
    • Erratic Star Burst - Sends waves of stars out of self with random velocities.
    • Piercing Nebula Burst - Sends a wave of 8 fast Piercing Nebulas out of self.
    • Nebulous Portals - Summons portals around self, summoning various Nebula enemies.
    • Super Starfall - Stars fall from the sky everywhere, but being more spaced out.
  • While between 50% and 25% life:
    • Star Blast, Starfall, Piercing Nebula, Star Vortex, Erratic Star Burst, Piercing Nebula Burst, Nebulous Portals, Super Starfall
    • Chains of the Cosmos - Summons Vilethorn-like chains. When touching the player, doesn’t damage, but makes the player unable to move. Can escape with Rod of Discord.
    • Eyes of the Cosmos - Creates a big ritual circle around self, sending out 8 eyes around the edges, these eyes shoot rapidly at the player with Piercing Nebulas.
  • While below 25% life:
    • Star Blast, Starfall, Piercing Nebula, Star Vortex, Erratic Star Burst, Piercing Nebula Burst, Nebulous Portals, Super Starfall, Chains of the Cosmos, Eyes of the Cosmos
    • Star Blast, Piercing Nebula, and Star Vortex are more powerful.
    • Crystal Stars - Crystal Stars fall from the sky, and explode into 5 shards after a while.

In Expert Mode:

  • When Nebuleus reaches 7% health, she transforms into her final form.

In Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

NebuleusUltimate Form
Big Nebuleus (Redemption).gif
Damage0 (contact)
Max Life495,000
KB Resist100%
Map Icon Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos (second form) (Redemption).png
Map Icon
Treasure Bag.gif Expert Mode-Only Content: This section applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.

While Nebuleus, Angel of the Cosmos' second phase is alive, her exclusive Music will play. If the Anti-Antti configuration setting is enabled, the vanilla track Moon Lord will play instead.

In this form, Nebulous uses all her attacks from the previous phase, but with increased frequency. Crystal stars will also passively rain down on players.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

The following dialogue will only appear if the disabling boss dialogue configuration setting is set to false.
At the start of the battle:
Nebuleus says the following in sequence:
  • "[Player Name], I've been observing you from afar, you've been gaining a lot of power..."
  • "I fear I may be too late, but your existence has brought a disequilibrium upon the world..."
  • "So many have fallen to you...if I don't stop this now, then who will?"
  • "Enough chatter, I'm sure you're getting tired of this by now."
  • "Just know, [Player Name], I am doing this for your sake..."
  • "If you lose to me...maybe the Demigod won't notice you."
If the player has died once to Nebuleus before and hasn't defeated her yet:
  • "You...are still alive?"
Summoning the Giant Star Serpent:
  • "Go, my pet! I will back you up."
Giant Star Serpent is killed:
  • "My star serpent is slain...and I fear I will be next."
At 75% HP
  • "ARGH! No! Don't come close!"
At 50% HP
  • "Please just give this up!"
At 25% HP
  • "Don't you realize what you're doing?"
Upon defeat:
Nebuleus says the following in sequence:
  • "Stop!"
  • "I can see now, I am too late..."
  • "It was foolish of me to wait so long..."
  • "..."
  • "No...I refuse to lose to someone like you..."
  • "If I'm going down, at least let me try..."
  • "To give it all I've got!" (when transforming)
  • "Even with me gone, there are many others stronger than myself!"
  • "You wouldn't last a second against the Demigod of Light..."
  • "But enough talk, I'm your opponent!"
If Nebuleus has already been defeated once:
  • "Stop!"
  • "All this fighting frustrates me."
  • "Before that dumb robot attacked me, I hadn't fought in years."
  • "In a way, I guess this is practice."
  • "Listen, I'm still a little concerned about how much power you've gained..."
  • "So I'll still give it my all."
  • "Now, time to do this again..."
Upon defeat in second form:
Nebuleus says the following in sequence the first time she is defeated:
  • "...Damn."
  • "Oh what did I expect...I was only delaying the inevitable."
  • "You've won this fight. I will leave you."
  • "But...if the Demigod ever notices you, and comes for you..."
  • "Don't tell him I'm still alive. It would be best for him to believe that robot had killed me..."
  • "And I'm too ashamed to face him."
  • "Well, this is a goodbye, Terrarian."

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Memorize the attack names, they appear about Nebuleus' head.
  • When Star Blast starts, find a safe spot where none of the stars hit, and stay there until the attack is over.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The idea for this boss was originally thought of by Kirill Greathly in the mod's homepage.
    • Kirill also originally named the boss “Corrupted Star God” until Hallam, the main developer of Mod of Redemption, remade the concept of the boss into what it currently is.
  • This boss has 2 planned attacks that were never implemented: Nebula Dash and Nebula Blink Dash.
  • If there are other mods installed, in addition to warning the player about the Demigod of Light, Nebuleus will also reference endgame bosses from the other mods, many of which have not been implemented yet in their respective mods. She is currently known to reference bosses from Ancients Awakened and Calamity. She will always warn about 3 bosses, with the Demigod of Light always being the 3rd.
    • Ancients Awakened Bosses
      • "The overmind of fungus" (Mushroom Madness)
      • "The Hero of Legend" (Terra)
      • "The forgotten soul of the destroyer titan" (Soul of Cthulhu)
      • "The evil warden of that horrid dungeon" (Decay)
      • "The giant of steel and darkness" (Infinity Zero)
      • "The Emperor of Discord" (Shen Doragon)
      • "He who created all" (Azathoth)
      • "The shadow of death" (Oblivion)
    • Calamity Bosses
      • "The tyrant's dragon" (Yharon)
      • "The witch of unyielding fury" (Supreme Calamitas)
      • "The cosmic blacksmith" (Draedon)
      • "The Tyrant of the Jungle" (Yharim)
      • "The sphere of terror" (Noxus)
      • "The god of unimaginable power" (Xeroc)
  • If the player has already defeated Nebuleus and spawns her again, Nebuleus will be replaced by Nebuleus' Mirage. Albeit being a simple aesthetic change, Nebuleus' Mirage will not give quotes.

History[edit | edit source]

v0.7.5.1: Fixed the boss from becoming immortal in Normal Mode.

v0.7.5: Introduced.

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