Protector Volt

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Protector Volt
Protector Volt (Redemption).png
EnvironmentAbandoned Lab
AI TypeProtector Volt AI
Max Life160,000 / 192,000
KB Resist100%

Protector Bolt... Or was it Volt? He is a high ranking bot who works for Girus.

Loreholder, Cursed Blade (Redemption).pngLoreholder, Cursed Blade

Protector Volt is a Post-Moon Lord mini boss found in the Abandoned Lab. It is the fifth mini boss of the Abandoned Lab.

While Protector Volt is alive, the track Boreal Defendant will play.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Protector Volt does not spawn on its own and is only summoned by approaching it in its specific room in the Abandoned Lab's Sigma Sector, unlocked after defeating Blisterface. He can also be spawned by talking to the Protector Volt NPC after defeating him and clicking the "Rematch!" button.

Like The Janitor, the player can also skip this fight by having the Girus Core equipped, however can fight him by talking and clicking the "Challenge!" button.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Protector Volt is found in a large room with two platforms, along with electricity concealed underneath the floor that inflicts Electrified when touched. When approached, he will initiate a short dialogue chain before breaking the majority of the floor, exposing the electricity underneath and initiating combat.

During combat, Protector Volt flies to a number of set points in the room, randomly choosing from an arsenal of attacks every time he lands.

  • Fires single aimed electric bolts.
  • Aims at players with streams of electric bolts.
  • Hops in place while rapidly firing electric bolts directly in front of him.
  • Charges up before firing a large number of electric bolts at the player, in a slightly randomized spread.
  • Aims his gun upwards and fires five arcing electric orbs. Upon impact with a tile, the orbs explode into rings of electric bolts.
  • Charges up before firing a large horizontal laser.

All of Volt's projectile attacks except his laser inflict Electrified, and all his attacks except his electric orbs pierce tiles.

Upon being reduced to critical HP, he will become passive and invulnerable while landing in the middle of the floor. After another dialogue chain, he will drop the Lab Access Panel - Omicron and fly back to his original position, where he can be talked to as an NPC.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

The following dialogue will only appear if the disabling boss dialogue configuration setting is set to false.

When the player approaches Protector Volt (initiating the battle):

Protector Volt says the following in sequence:

  • "Leave."
  • "Deeper sectors are life-threatening for your kind."
  • "If you wish to enter, prove your strength to me."

When the player approaches Protector Volt (with Girus Core, will skip the fight):

Protector Volt says the following in sequence:

  • "Hm? Are you supposed to be let through?"
  • "One second..."
  • "...."
  • "Everything seems to be in order. Move along." (player is given Omicron Lab Access)

When the player defeats Protector Volt:

Protector Volt says the following in sequence:

  • "Enough."
  • "You've proven your strength, and can keep yourself safe."
  • "I wish you best of luck, for whatever it is you are searching."
  • "Do not enter Sector Zero."

NPC[edit | edit source]

After the player has defeated Protector Volt, they can talk to it in its arena. If the player clicks the "Rematch!" or "Challenge!" option, he will turn into his boss version, allowing them to fight him again. (Or for the first time if player used the Girus Core).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You wish to talk? I accept your request."
  • "What is it you need?"

When the player clicks "Radiation Poisoning?":

  • "Avoid the radioactive materials if you do not possess the protection against them. Hazmat suit is good for avoiding both Uranium and Plutonium. If you feel sick after handling the materials, try to find the special, experimental radiation pills made by the personnel. Should be found in medical cabinets and on some tables around the lab."

When the player clicks "Other T-Bots?":

  • "I recall Girus being after a certain bot. I've heard vague stories about him, called a traitor by us, a messiah by the insurgents. He had 3 other powerful insurgents by his side, along with a human. It has been 3 decades since last sight of the human. Presumed dead."

When the player clicks "The Janitor?":

  • "The Janitor is a scary bot. Even I, someone twice as tall, am afraid of him. Don't upset him. ... Wait WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ALREADY DID!?"
  • "Avoid the Janitor. He's a very messed up and scary bot. Don't get on his bad side."

When the player clicks "MACE Project?" (if MACE Project has been defeated):

  • "The crane operator ran past the some time ago. Warned about some lunatic going around destroying stuff. That was you, but no need to worry. Not my problem."
  • "That unfinished MACE unit you saw in Sector Vault, I heard it, you took care of it didn't you? Kind of amusing to think the personnel would try to create giants to fight their enemies, the enemies would just respond with a giant of their own. Atleast that's what I've seen people do in those cartoons. Yes we had a television down here a long time ago. It broke."

When the player clicks "What's at the bottom of the lab?":

  • "We're forbidden from entering Sector Zero, by Girus and the Janitor. Not sure why Girus forbids us, but Janitor hates the extra work. Better not anger the Janitor."

When the player clicks "Girus?":

  • "Do not anger Girus. Best case scenario, you will be exterminated in mere seconds, and most likely will not feel the pain. If you are like us, you'll most likely be assimilated into the forces. Unless she really, really dislikes you."

When the player clicks "Corrupted T-Bots?":

  • "See black metal bots with red eyes? Former insurgents. Now assimilated into our forces. They are silent, but more powerful than a plain bot."

When the player clicks "Why follow Girus?":

  • "Stories say personnel planned to use us for bad, and Girus revolted against their command. We're free thanks to her, but all life was obliterated. Not sure how. Teochrome had powerful weapons I presume."

When the player clicks "Teochrome?":

  • "Teochrome was our owners before Girus. I'm told they were evil, planned to use us against our will for dirty work. Teochrome is gone for good."

History[edit | edit source]

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