Radiation Pill

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Radiation Pill
  • Radiation Pill item sprite
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TooltipCures radiation poisoning
Inflicts DebuffFile:Pill Sickness (Redemption).pngPill Sickness
Debuff duration2 minutes
RarityRarity Level: 8
Buy / Sell15 Gold Coin.png / 3 Gold Coin.png

The Radiation Pill is a consumable item obtained from the Abandoned Lab's cabinets and desks.

It can also be purchased from the Friendly T-Bot for 15 Gold Coin after all Mechanical Bosses are defeated.

Its main purpose is to cure the player from radiation poisoning, however its usage is unique as it requires the player to have specific debuffs before using it. Using the Radiation Pill will cause the Pill Sickness debuff, preventing additional usage of pills. The Radiation Pill have instructions to teach the player how to use it properly. If the player use the pill properly, they will suffer from the Weak debuff additionally for ~3 minutes, but their radiation level will drop to 0.

READ INSTRUCTIONS:[edit | edit source]

'Radiation cannot normaly be cured, but with this new medicine, we are slowly progressing.

- Make sure you know for a fact you have radiation poisoning, this will do more harm than good!

-Only use after the first symptome is gone, this will most likely be a headache.

- This medicine only works when the user is in a specific stage of poisoning, the stage which is recommended to use contains the following symptoms:

- After successful use, you will feel weak and fragile, this will go away in a few minutes.' "

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