Rare Fragments

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Rare Fragments
  • Rare Fragment (Forest Nymph's Sickle) (1) (Redemption).png Rare Fragment (Falcon) (1) (Redemption).png Rare Fragment (Victor Battletome) (2) (Redemption).png
Stack digit 1.png
TooltipLooks like a certain Undead can repair this, if you have both pieces
RarityRarity Level: 1
Sell50 Silver Coin.png

Rare Fragments are items that can be obtained from Reward Bags gifted to the player by completing the Wayfarer's quests. The pieces are associated with a rare weapon with two items per rare weapon, and can be repaired by the Fallen NPC if the player brings him both pieces.

Rare Fragments[edit | edit source]

Fragment Description Restored Rare Weapon
Rare Fragment (Aki's Claws) (1) (Redemption).png 'A furball... ?' Aki's Claws (Redemption).png Aki's Claws
Rare Fragment (Aki's Claws) (2) (Redemption).png 'A claw... ?'
Rare Fragment (Death's Claw) (1) (Redemption).png 'A hilt... ?' Death's Claw (Redemption).png Death's Claw
Rare Fragment (Death's Claw) (2) (Redemption).png 'A demon face... ?'
Rare Fragment (Falcon) (1) (Redemption).png 'A sword in stone... ?' Falcon (Redemption).png Falcon
Rare Fragment (Falcon) (2) (Redemption).png 'A hammer... ?'
Rare Fragment (Forest Nymph's Sickle) (1) (Redemption).png 'A bulb... ?' Forest Nymph's Sickle (Redemption).png Forest Nymph's Sickle
Rare Fragment (Forest Nymph's Sickle) (2) (Redemption).png 'A sickle... ?'
Rare Fragment (Golden Edge) (1) (Redemption).png 'A hilt... ?' Golden Edge (Redemption).png Golden Edge
Rare Fragment (Golden Edge) (2) (Redemption).png 'A hilt... ?'
Rare Fragment (Lightbane) (1) (Redemption).png 'A burning blade... ?' Lightbane (Redemption).png Lightbane
Rare Fragment (Lightbane) (2) (Redemption).png 'A burning hilt... ?'
Rare Fragment (Living Wood Rapier) (1) (Redemption).png 'A stick... ?' Living Wood Rapier (Redemption).png Living Wood Rapier
Rare Fragment (Living Wood Rapier) (2) (Redemption).png 'A stick... ?'
Rare Fragment (Peacekeeper) (1) (Redemption).png 'A lobster... ?' Peacekeeper (Redemption).png Peacekeeper
Rare Fragment (Peacekeeper) (2) (Redemption).png 'A trident... ?'
Rare Fragment (Vepdor's Silver Rapier) (1) (Redemption).png 'A silver hilt... ?' Vepdor's Silver Rapier (Redemption).png Vepdor's Silver Rapier
Rare Fragment (Vepdor's Silver Rapier) (2) (Redemption).png 'A silver blade... ?'
Rare Fragment (Victor Battletome) (1) (Redemption).png 'Torn pages... ?' Victor Battletome (Redemption).png Victor Battletome
Rare Fragment (Victor Battletome) (2) (Redemption).png 'A book cover... ?'

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