Soul of Bloom

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Soul of Bloom
  • Soul of Bloom item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeCrafting material
Tooltip'The essence of nature'
RarityRarity Level: 5
Sell17 Silver Coin
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Plantera.pngPlantera ? 100%

Souls of Bloom are Hardmode crafting materials that are used to create Blossom Druid's armor, Wisp's armor, Lily and Lotus Rune Banners, Botanist Station and various druidic weapons and accessories. They are dropped by Plantera.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Botanist Station (Redemption).pngBotanist Station
Mythril Anvil.pngMythril Anvil
Orichalcum Anvil.pngOrichalcum Anvil

Duality Seedbag - Common Ground (Redemption).pngDuality Seedbag - Common Ground
Botanist Station (Redemption).pngBotanist Station
Duality Seedbag - Liquid Flames (Redemption).pngDuality Seedbag - Liquid Flames
Duality Seedbag - Sun and Moon (Redemption).pngDuality Seedbag - Sun and Moon

Blossom Druid's Hood (Redemption).pngBlossom Druid's Hood
Druidic Altar (Redemption).pngDruidic Altar
Blossom Druid's Leaf Chestplate (Redemption).pngBlossom Druid's Leaf Chestplate
Blossom Druid's Leggings (Redemption).pngBlossom Druid's Leggings
Wisp's Head (Redemption).pngWisp's Head
Wisp's Chestplate (Redemption).pngWisp's Chestplate
Wisp's Leggings (Redemption).pngWisp's Leggings
Power Cell Wristband (Redemption).pngPower Cell Wristband
Golem Watering Can (Redemption).pngGolem Watering Can
Terraria's Will (Redemption).pngTerraria's Will
Master Druid's Charm (Redemption).pngMaster Druid's Charm
Angelic Stave (Redemption).pngAngelic Stave
Angelic Fan (Redemption).pngAngelic Fan
Mystic Thorn Stave (Redemption).pngMystic Thorn Stave
File:Starbound World Stave (Frost) (Redemption).pngStarbound World Stave (Frost)
Lily Rune Banner (Redemption).pngLily Rune Banner
Lotus Rune Banner (Redemption).pngLotus Rune Banner
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