The Keeper's Staff

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The Keeper's Staff
  • The Keeper's Staff item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage15 Summon
TooltipSummons a temporary Dark soul to fight for you. After 5 seconds, it will explode into tiny homing Dark Souls If all minion slots are used up, the staff will summon 2-4 tiny Dark Souls instead 5 second duration fight for you
Grants BuffDark Soul (buff) (Redemption).pngDark Soul
Buff tooltipA Dark Soul will fight for you
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell20 Silver Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
The Keeper 1 20%

The Keeper's Staff is a craftable Pre-Hardmode summoner weapon that can also be dropped by The Keeper. The weapon summons a Dark Soul which deals 15 base damage. The Dark Souls will explode within 5 seconds.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
The Keeper's Staff (Redemption).pngThe Keeper's Staff
Iron Anvil.pngIron Anvil
Lead Anvil.pngLead Anvil

Dark Shard
Dark Shard (Redemption).pngDark Shard
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