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Current Amount:38


Dirt Yoyo (Dirt Blocks & Cobweb) - Vitrics (Glass & Cobweb) - Lead & Iron Yoyo (Iron,Lead Bars & Cobweb) or (Yoyo Master Shop after king slime) - Silver Yoyo (Silver Bars,Cobweb) - Gold Yoyo (Gold Bars,Cobweb) - Cthulhu's Eye (EoC Drop) - Royal Sludge (King Slime Drop) - Brainstorm (BoC Drop) - Dynamic Corruption (EoW Drop) - Queen's Hive (QB drop) - Bare Bones (Skeletron Drop) -


Bouquet De Chair (WoF drop) - Kaitenaium (Kaiten Bars,Cobweb) - Ice Yoyo (Frost Core,Snowballs,Wooden Yoyo) - Overgrown (Wood Yoyo,Wood) - Spooky Yoyo (Spooky Wood, Wooden Yoyo) - Yin-Yang (Light Shard,Dark Shard and a Wood Yoyo) - Twins Yoyo's (Drops from the twins) - Destroyer Yoyo (The Destroyer Drop) - Mechanical Bones (Dropped from Skeletron Prime) - Neowise (30 Fallen Stars, 12 Kaiten Bars and 3 Light Shards) - "The Twins" (Made from both the twin yoyo's combined) - Night's Throw (Code 2, Helfire, Amarok and Chik) - Purity (12 Hallowed Bars, 20 Cobweb) - Berserker (Soul of Might,Fright,Sight,Cobweb and Hallowed bars) - Chlorophyte Oscillate (Chlorophyte Bars,Cobweb) - Code 3 (Sold from Yoyo Master) - Broken Hero Yoyo (Mothron Drop) - The One (Golem Drop) - Terra Yoyo (Purity, Night's Throw and Broken Hero Yoyo) - Moon Spiral Yoyo (Dropped from True Eye Of Cthulhu) - Tidepod Yin-Yang (Terrarian, Yin-Yang, Topaz and Sapphire) - Infinity Yoyo (Terrarian,Topaz,Diamond,Amethyst,Ruby,Emerald and Sapphire) - Darkmatter (Darkmatter,Terrarian) - Antimatter (Antimatter,Terrarian) - OmniMatter (Darkmatter yoyo,Antimatter yoyo) - Omnitrix (OmniMatter and Moon Spiral) - The World Overheaven (Unobtainable Legitimately) -

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