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Logo (SGAmod).png

Welcome to the Official Wiki for SGAmod.

Mod created by IDGCaptainRussia94.

The Mod[edit | edit source]

SGAmod is a content mod mostly based around less mundane gameplay, more interesting items from weaponized traps to more techical creations, and tough as nails boss fights; the Dergon will show you the way.

What you can expect:

Content from the start all the way to post moonlord, Mini dungeons each with loot, traps, a miniboss, and a reward 10+ bosses with unique AI, 2 subclasses of weapon damage: Technological and Trap Damage, 200+ items, including many uniquely coded weapons, A Custom Currency that is tied to mod progression, a Dragon NPC! Some kind of lore is in here, I know it :P

Thermal Blade (SGAmod).pngWeapons Virulent Bar (SGAmod).pngCrafting Materials
Blazewyrm Helm (SGAmod).pngArmor Red Mana Star (SGAmod).pngConsumables
Mining Charm Tier 1 (SGAmod).pngAccessories Dragon's Might Potion (SGAmod).pngPotions
Guardian Heart Lantern (SGAmod).pngPets 176xBlocks
Tungsten Bullet (SGAmod).pngAmmo Boreic Jacksaw (SGAmod).pngTools
Apocalypticals Clip Size
Cooldown Stack Expertise
Deeper Dungeons Nightmare Mode
Draken head (SGAmod).pngDraken
Moist Stone (SGAmod).pngDank Shrines
Prismal Extractor (SGAmod).pngSecret Chambers
Pre-Hardmode Bosses Hardmode Bosses
Copper Wraith helmet (SGAmod).pngCopper Wraith Map Icon Murk (SGAmod).pngMurk (Hardmode)
Caliburn (1) (SGAmod).pngThe Caliburn Guardians Map Icon Cirno (SGAmod).pngCirno
Map Icon Spider Queen (SGAmod).pngSpider Queen Cobalt Wraith helmet (SGAmod).pngCobalt Wraith
Fly (SGAmod).pngKiller Fly Swarm Map Icon Sharkvern (SGAmod).pngSharkvern
Map Icon Murk (SGAmod).pngMurk Golden Crate.pngCratrosity
Post-Moon Lord Bosses Mechanical Clusterfuck (SGAmod).pngTwin Prime Destroyers
Luminite Wraith helmet (SGAmod).pngLuminite Wraith (Rematch) True Eye of Cthulhu.pngDoom Harbinger
Golden Crate.pngCratrogeddon Luminite Wraith helmet (SGAmod).pngLuminite Wraith
Map Icon Supreme Pinky (SGAmod).pngSupreme Pinky