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Cooldown Stack or Action Cooldown Stack is a mechanic that acts as a cooldown for special effects and weapons before they can be used again. Players have one Cooldown Stack by default and can increase their number with various items.

When a Cooldown Stack is used, a yellow icon will appear below the player. This icon will "drain" until the cooldown is over.

Icon that will appear indicating a Cooldown Stack is in use: Cooldown Stack

Items[edit | edit source]

These items use a Cooldown Stack

Item Duration of Cooldown Number of Stacks Needed
SGAmod/Gas PasserGas Passer 45 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/JarateJarate 30 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Consumable HellConsumable Hell 90 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Blazewyrm armorBlazewyrm armor's Set Bonus 12 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Shin SashShin Sash 60 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Gunslinger of Song and LegendGunslinger of Song and Legend 30 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Energizer BatteryEnergizer Battery 40 seconds 1 Stack
SGAmod/Matrix PotionMatrix Potion 150 seconds 3 Stacks
SGAmod/Eastern GongEastern Gong 300 seconds 2 Stacks

Increasing Stacks[edit | edit source]

These items will increase the amount of stacks the player can have.

Item Effect on Cooldown Stacks
SGAmod/Condensing PotionCondensing Potion +1 Cooldown Stack
Cooldowns Stacks are 15% longer
SGAmod/Novus armorNovus armor's Set Bonus +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Blazewyrm armorBlazewyrm armor's Set Bonus +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Mangrove armorMangrove armor's Set Bonus +1 Cooldown Stack while in the Jungle
SGAmod/Ring Of RespiteRing Of Respite +1 Cooldown Stack
Does not stack with other accessories made from it.
SGAmod/Necklace O' NerveNecklace O' Nerve +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Blood Charm PendantBlood Charm Pendant +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Soul of SecretsSoul of Secrets +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Novus CoreNovus Core +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Prismal CorePrismal Core +1 Cooldown Stack
SGAmod/Tech Master's GearTech Master's Gear +1 Cooldown Stack