Copper Wraith

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Copper Wraith
Copper Wraith (SGAmod).png
Damage5 / 10 (sword)
15 / 30 (sword charge)
7 / 14 (bow)
10 / 12 (melee)
Max Life400 / 500
KB Resist0%
Inflicts debuffBleeding.pngBleeding 50% chance
Debuff duration10 seconds

So they are called Wraiths? That first one was weak but I'm feeling... something, terrible...


The copper wraith is the earliest available boss to defeat, being the first in a series of metal-related Wraiths.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

The copper wraith will automatically summon if it has never been defeated before, and 30 Bars are crafted at a Furnace.

Alternatively, it can be manually summoned by using a Wraith Core Fragment at any time or biome.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The copper wraith uses floating copper swords and bows to defend its vulnerable core, along with floating copper armor. If the world generated with Tin Ore, the swords and armor will have the appearance of their tin counterparts, along with the wraith being renamed to "Tin Wraith."

In Expert Mode, the wraith gains a slight speed boost, and in Nightmare Mode, becomes even faster.

Hitting the Core with a non-piercing ranged attack will do 2X damage and crit, the Core resists high damage piercing attacks like Grenades, the armor itself gains a lesser resistance as well to this.

Defeating the Core of the wraith is the only necessary step to killing it. Killing the flying armor can drop Copper Wraith Notches, but the bows and swords drop nothing.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

 •  While the Core has no Chestplate, it will fly above the player and shoot death lasers at them before regenerating its Chestplate, as well as its sword and bow should they have been destroyed at this point. Regenerated armor and weapons have significantly less HP than when the boss is first spawned.

 •  The copper swords surrounding the wraith will attempt to slash at the player, and occasionally spin around in place, charging an attack. At which point, they'll attempt to lunge into the player, dealing 3x the normal damage. In Nightmare Mode, these swords gain the ability to perform dashes.

 •  The copper swords also have a 50% chance to inflict the Bleeding debuff onto the player.

 •  In normal mode, the copper bows launch wooden arrows at the player; In Nightmare Mode, it instead fires Novus Arrows at the player, which have homing capabilities. The bows summoned in Expert Mode's phase 2 fire arrows similar to the ones fired by the Aerial Bane. The bows will alternate between following the player or following the wraith, they also attempt to account for trajectory at a distance.

 •  Additionally, the core itself has moderate contact damage, but doesn't chase the player actively to deal such damage.

 •  In Expert Mode, the boss has a 2nd phase, when it regens its armor and is below 50% HP it will summon a shower of Aerial Bane arrows and summon 2 extra bows and 2 extra swords to assist.

Tips[edit | edit source]

 •  While this boss can defeated very early on, it is recommended to at least have basic gear to survive, mobility gear most of all.

 •  Grenades are rendered near useless with the significant damage reduction they do to the boss

 •  Because the boss can be summoned at any time of day, summoning during the day would be most beneficial to avoid unwanted monsters during the night

 •  This fight can be trivialized with the Flare Gun, as the boss has no debuff immunities, and the long burn time can greatly assist in killing the core's low base HP

Trivia[edit | edit source]

 •  The floating armor doesn't actually provide normal protection. Instead, it just acts as a buffer hitbox between it and the core

 •  In previous versions of the mod, neither the furnace or metal bars could be crafted until the copper wraith was defeated

 •  However, because this wasn't originally communicated clearly to the player, it was changed so the boss becomes angry at crafting too many bars, and is summoned to battle the player.