Dank Shrines

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A Dank Shrine

Dank Shrines are three structures that generate Underground. The structure contains many chests as well as one of three alters. These alters are used to summon The Caliburn Guardians. There are small openings at the top of each Dank Shrines that you can use to enter. If these holes do not generate, you can mine the walls after Murk has been defeated.

A Caliburn Compass (SGAmod).pngCaliburn Compass can be used to find the three Dank Shrines easier. This item is purchased from the Draken.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The walls of the Dank Shrines are made of Moist Stone (SGAmod).pngMoist Stone.
    • Moist Stone cannot be mined until Murk has been defeated.
    • Once Moist Stone is destroyed, it can not be replaced as it is an unobtainable item.
  • To summon one of the Guardians, right click the alter found within the Dank Shrine.
    • You must have at least 200 HP to summon the bosses.
  • To receive the sword, you must destroy the alter after the respective Guardian has been defeated.
  • The Caliburn Guardians are invincible outside of the Dank Shrines.

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