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SGAmod adds 7 new potions. Theses can be crafted or found in Dank Shrines.

Potion Ingredients Effects Duration Icon
Clarity Potion (SGAmod).pngClarity Potion Shine Potion.pngShine Potion
Fallen Star.pngFallen Star (3)
Murky Gel (SGAmod).pngMurky Gel (4)
Crafts 2
Reduces Mana cost by 3%. While you have Mana Sickness, this is increased to 10%. 5 minutes
Condensing Potion (SGAmod).pngCondensing Potion Healing Potion.pngHealing Potion
Strange Brew.pngStrange Brew
Frigid Shard (SGAmod).pngFrigid Shard (3)
Novite Bar (SGAmod).pngNovite Bar (2)
Crafts 2
'Helps deal with overheating, allowing you to preform more actions'. Grants and additional free Cooldown Stack, however, all new Cooldown Stacks are 15% longer. 5 minutes
Dragon's Might Potion (SGAmod).pngDragon's Might Potion Restoration Potion.pngRestoration Potion (2)
Bottled Honey.pngBottled Honey
Omni Soul (SGAmod).pngOmni Soul (2)
Fridgeflame (SGAmod).pngFridgeflame (2)
Murky Gel (SGAmod).pngMurky Gel (4)
Entrophite (SGAmod).pngEntrophite (20)
Crafts 2
50% increase to all damage types except Summon damage. Lasts 20 seconds, inflicts Weakness after it ends (for 40 seconds). This cannot be stopped by being immune. 20 seconds
Dragon's Might Potion (buff) (SGAmod).png
Fridgeflame Concoction (SGAmod).pngFridgeflame Concoction Lava Bucket.pngLava Bucket
Warmth Potion.pngWarmth Potion (2)
Cryostal Bar (SGAmod).pngCryostal Bar (2)
Ice Fairy Dust (SGAmod).pngIce Fairy Dust (2)
Fridgeflame (SGAmod).pngFridgeflame (2)
Crafts 3
'A Potion of Ice and Fire'. Grants 25% reduced Damage-over-time caused by Debuffs. Gain an extra 15% less damage while you have Frostburn or On Fire! (Both do not stack). 25% less damage from cold sources, Obsidian Rose effect. Removes Immunity to both Frostburn and On Fire! 5 minutes
Matrix Potion (SGAmod).pngMatrix Potion Restoration Potion.pngRestoration Potion
Strange Brew.pngStrange Brew
Ancient Cloth.pngAncient Cloth (2)
Virulent Bar (SGAmod).pngVirulent Bar (4)
Entrophite (SGAmod).pngEntrophite (40)
Kobold Banner.pngKobold Banner
Sturdy Fossil.pngSturdy Fossil (10)
Amber.pngAmber (3)
Crafts 3
'The very fabric of time itself folds around you, compressing the flow of anything passing by'. Grants an aura around the player that greatly slows down any enemies or projectiles. Time counts down faster per enemy and projectile affected, bosses slowed makes it count down 2X as fast. Requires 3 Cooldown Stacks, adds 150 seconds each. 1 minutes
Radiation Cure Potion (SGAmod).pngRadiation Cure Potion Restoration Potion.pngRestoration Potion (3)
Strange Brew.pngStrange Brew
Mana Battery (SGAmod).pngMana Battery
Chlorophyte Ore.pngChlorophyte Ore (5)
Crafts 3
'Radiation is not easy to cure, but thankfully, we have MAGIC!' Grants increased Radiation poisoning recovery while no bosses are alive. Grants 50% increased radiation resistance. 1 minutes
Ragnarok's Brew (SGAmod).pngRagnarok's Brew Bottled Water.pngBottled Water
Entrophite (SGAmod).pngEntrophite (10)
Fiery Shard (SGAmod).pngFiery Shard (2)
Novus Bar (SGAmod).pngNovus Bar (2)
Boosts you Apocalyptical chance as your HP drops (up to a max of 3%). 5 minutes