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Trader ().png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life600
KB Resist50%

The Collector is a Pre-Hardmode NPC that can spawn if a house is present. It sells various items and also hosts Quests.

For Quests, a player must collect various items and combine it via Crafting or get it from various enemies.

The only name she can have is Eleanor.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone calls me Lara. But why? That's not my name.
  • Kill a slime, crown and feather, Find your king and buried treasure. Who knew that made any sense?
  • Back where I'm from, I would be called a Trader. I guess that's not the case anymore.
  • That kid, (Angler). He's pretty much a fan. Even if he's bossy, he's still a cool kid.
  • Expressive breadsticks! Now for free, since no one buys them.
  • Ever heard of AirBeds? It's so popular that literally no one can see it!
  • So you have (Guide) with you. I say his job is not so useful.

During Hardmode:

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Item Reward Description Note (given after quest)
Dip in the Pool Breathing Reed + 1 Lens Crafty Rifle I'm sure you've seen the sunken chests in the sea. Either they have a trident from the sea, boots that make you a flying fish, and worst of all, breathing reeds. They're basically useless, only to be used as a lifesaver. But gill potions exist, do they? I like to use these gizmos as a gun base anyways. So if you get me one of these, with at least one lens, I'll make a crafty gun, just for ya! Thanks for the prop! I knew it would come to use one day. Anyways, here ya go, as promised!
Shroom for One More Staff of Regrowth + 5 Glowing Mushroom Shroom Station The magic of the Staff of Regrowth is mystic, yet useful. That's why most farmers grow Dayblooms with this in their hand! What most people don't know, is that this staff can be used to craft a ginormous Shroom Station! It basically turns regular mushrooms into glowing mushrooms. It can also do other stuff with Jungle seeds and solutions! Might come to use! The Shroom Station is pretty useful in making a house for mushrooms. Give it a try for yourself!
The Night the Flight Went out in Terraria Elusive Feather

(Rare drop from Harpy)

Ornithopter The harpies are really resilient and sneaky, and so fierce, they're cannibals! Sound weird? I guess so. However, the attracting thing about them is their feathers. Unlike birds, harpy feather are more durable and can be used for making wings! Unfortunately, with one rare feather, I can make an ornithopter that can propel you high. Well, not that high. Well, what do you think? You can kind of propel yourself, and best part is, you're immune to fall damage! Ain't that a deal, huh?
The Optical Illusion Torn Oblique (Drop from Eye of Cthulhu) Optical Potion 1x Once, the mad creature Cthulhu fought against many dryads, in an endless battle. However, to weaken the sea monster, the Dryads detached Cthulhu's eyes, brain, and part of his skeleton! And now you have to fight his body parts! Could this adventure get any weirder. On the way, if you get his torn oblique, give it to me so I can brew it into a fancy potion! This potion is actually healthy for your eyes. In fact, once you drink it, you can see loot, enemies, ad traps as well. Even your landscape lights up! This lasts for at least 5 minutes, so happy farming!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The quote referring to "king and buried treasure is a reference to "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman.
  • The Collector was ported from a planned mod, Customarius.
  • The "happyface breadsticks" is a reference to the Breadstick emoji mentioned by the youtuber Nostalgia critic in