Cursed Victim

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Cursed Victim
Cursed Victim (Spectreblight Mod).png

The Cursed Victim is an NPC that is a victim of the same curse affected by the Old Man. He will not spawn via housing, and will be able to spawn by itself randomly. The spawn chances of him will increase if the player has already killed the Paramelia.

If the player talks to the Cursed Victim, he says that he cannot spawn True Skeletron, similarly to the Old Man. If the player talks to him at night and has also killed the Paramelia, he will agree to summon True Skeletron. Otherwise, if the player has not killed Paramelia yet, he will warn him that he is not strong enough.

To summon True Skeletron, the player should press the button "Accept The Challenge". The button only appears at night.

After the player has beaten True Skeletron, the Cursed Victim will no longer spawn randomly, and will now enter your house as an Armorer, meaning that True Skeletron can only be spawned via a Dungeon Lantern.

Since True Skeletron is not yet introduced, the Cursed Victim will instead spawn Specturalia

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

If it is not nighttime:[edit | edit source]
  • If you're going to accept my challenge, best come back at night...
  • Can you free me of this curse I possess? Meet me when the sun sets, my friend. Then we can talk...
  • I can't summon the monster right now...
  • A monster's curse has ruined my life... If there's a time you can fight the monster, it would be night...
If it is nighttime, and the player has not yet beaten the Paramelia:[edit | edit source]
  • *sigh* Are you sure you're going to fight him like that? I don't recommend it...
  • I don't think what you're doing is a good idea. Come back when you're stronger...
  • You're strong, but not strong enough to challenge the monster.
  • Don't you dare. You wouldn't want to end up like the other people who tried to free my curse...
If it is nighttime, and the player has beaten the Paramelia:[edit | edit source]
  • Heh heh. Welcome. Do you wish to challenge him?
  • You seem worthy enough to challenge the monster behind my curse.
  • Please! I beg of you to free me from this damned curse!
  • Free me of this monster! I'll do anything for you!
When summoning True Skeletron:[edit | edit source]
  • Very well...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the Old Man, when the Cursed Victim is cursed, his skin becomes pale blue, and his eyes become turquoise, while the Old Man's eyes only become red.
  • The Cursed Victim is known in the files as "BossSummonMan", indicating that he is able to spawn True Skeletron.

History[edit | edit source]

0.1.2 Update[edit | edit source]
  • Introduced, but unspawnable.
  • Can only be spawned with Hero's Mod or Cheat Sheet.
  • Currently spawns Specturalia instead of True Skeletron.