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DEVastation Mode is an upcoming mode that will surprass modes such as Expert Mode or Master Mode in difficulty. Unlike the two modes, DEVastation mode features new enemies, new content, and exclusive bosses.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Willow Wisp[edit | edit source]

Willow Wisp (SBMod.png
Darkness Shall Cleanse Thou (SBMod.png

The Willow Wisp will be a Pre Hardmode boss. It can spawn on its own either by killing Dusk Enemies, or by using the Wisp Sigil. It is meant to be fought during late Pre-Hardmode, after Skeletron has been defeated. The Dusk Enemies cannot spawn unless Skeletron has been defeated.

Nexus, Core of The Mechanical Menaces[edit | edit source]

Nexus (SBMod.png
Bracket Expected (SBMod.png

Nexus is a Hardmode spider-like boss. It is meant to be fought Post-Mechanical Bosses, and before Plantera. It must be summoned by powering an Eternal Processor with wire. The Processor will only be destroyed after Nexus is defeated, and then can be used in hand. It can only be used after the status message "POWER SOURCE REMOVED. PROGRAM MALFUNCTIONED. ETERNAL PROCESSOR MUST BE USED TO REBOOT PROGRAM." after defeating all 3 mech bosses, or after one mech boss has been defeated after Plantera's death.

Malgo, Unrefined Abomination[edit | edit source]

Malgo (SBMod.gif
A Smile That Kills (SBMod.png

Malgo is a Hardmode boss. It is meant to be fought after Moon Lord, and before Specturalia. It must be summoned by using the Amalgamate Scale, which drops from Moon Lord.

Castro, Universal Cultist[edit | edit source]

Castro (SBMod.png
Been Here All These Years (SBMod.png
Doppelgänger Cultists (Spectreblight Mod).png

Castro is a Post-Hardmode boss. It is meant to be fought after Asylo. It must be summoned by killing a Doppelganger Cultist.

Relik[edit | edit source]

Relik (SBMod.png
Relik's Excerpt (SBMod.png

Relik is a boss, that is the DEVastation Mode exclusive superboss. It is supposed to be fought after all bosses are killed

Rylezus[edit | edit source]

Rylezus (SBMod.png
O NO (SBMod.png

Rylezus is a Post-Relik superboss, and is the most powerful boss. He is based off of xXRylzeXx, a contributor of Terraria.