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TerraTyping[edit | edit source]

Mod created by CrimsonTek. Wiki Created By UrNotCatbug.

Join the Offical TerraTyping Discord here! https://discordapp.com/invite/RvPGKwz

In our Discord you can chat with the mod creator CrimsonTek, and other people who enjoy the mod!

What does TerraTyping do?

TerraTyping adds Pokemon-esque types to Terraria! Every vanilla weapon and enemy is given a type, and types that are effective will deal more damage. I included the 18 types found in Pokemon, as well as Blood and Bone to round out the Crimson and Dungeon biomes respectively. Now Includes Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB)

This mod adds no items or enemies yet, only functionality. This means you can try it in a world you've already started, and it won't mess up your game!

This mod is now compatible with Weapon Out

This wiki is still in progress of being created and will be expanded over time due to a small developer team.

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