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Apricorns are a pre-Hardmode crafting material that stay useful all throughout the game, since they are the main ingredient besides Iron/Lead needed to craft Poké Balls. Apricorns can drop in small groups from trees in the Forest and the Hallow. There are currently 7 different types of Apricorns available in the mod.

Apricorns can be cooked at any Furnace. Cooked Apricorns can then be used to create different kinds of Apricorn Stew, which can be used to boost the stats of a Pokémon.

Types of Apricorns[edit | edit source]

Regular[edit | edit source]

Black Apricorn (Terramon).pngBlack Apricorn Blue Apricorn (Terramon).pngBlue Apricorn Green Apricorn (Terramon).pngGreen Apricorn
Pink Apricorn (Terramon).pngPink Apricorn Red Apricorn (Terramon).pngRed Apricorn White Apricorn (Terramon).pngWhite Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn (Terramon).pngYellow Apricorn

Cooked[edit | edit source]

Cooked Black Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Black Apricorn Cooked Blue Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Blue Apricorn Cooked Green Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Green Apricorn
Cooked Pink Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Pink Apricorn Cooked Red Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Red Apricorn Cooked White Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked White Apricorn
Cooked Yellow Apricorn (Terramon).pngCooked Yellow Apricorn