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Evolution is a method to change your Pokemon into a stronger member of their species.

At this stage of mod development, it can only be performed by talking to the Trainer NPC and selecting the Evolution option. This opens a new GUI with a single empty slot. Inserting a Pokeball (containing a Pokemon which can evolve) will reveal a second slot, and the GUI will update to display "Insert [X] Rare Candies". Inserting that amount will allow you the ability to evolve the Pokemon.

If a pokemon does not appear in the table below, it does not evolve in the current state of the mod.

Dex# Pokemon Name Cost Result
1 Bulbasaur 11 Ivysaur
2 Ivysaur ?? Venusaur
4 Charmander 11 Charmeleon
5 Charmeleon 20 Charizard
7 Squirtle 11 Wartortle
8 Wartortle 20 Blastoise
10 Caterpie ?? Metapod
11 Metapod ?? Butterfree
13 Weedle ?? Kakuna
14 Kakuna ?? Beedrill
16 Pidgey ?? Pidgeyotto
17 Pidgeyotto ?? Pidgeot
19 Rattata ?? Raticate
21 Spearow ?? Fearow
92 Gastly ?? Haunter
93 Haunter ?? Gengar
21 Dratini ?? Dragonair
21 Dragonair ?? Dragonite