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Bunnyhopping (Also known as Strafe-Jumping or Bhopping) is a mechanic which allows the player to gain a theoretically infinite amount of speed over time while repeatedly jumping. In Terraria Overhaul, this can be achieved by holding down A or D and repeatedly jumping as soon as you hit the ground. The speed of the bunnyhop can be increased by equipping a Bunny Paw or by dashing with a Shield of Cthulhu to carry the speed of the dash through the bunnyhop. This technique can be used to the player's advantage to travel large distances in a short time if momentum is properly carried.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Bunnyhopping originated from the videogame Quake, and the glitch was carried over to almost all games that utilize the various idtech engines or derivatives of them (such as GoldSrc and Source) along with Rocket Jumping.