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Guns Overhaul
  • Boomstick (Terraria Overhaul).gif
Content Overhaul (Terraria Overhaul).pngThis is a page about an overhaul of a vanilla weapon type. The page on that weapon type itself can be found here.

Terraria Overhaul completely remakes gunplay to make it more diverse and to heavily improve visual feedback.

Changes & Additions[edit | edit source]

Reloading & Magazines[edit | edit source]

Most of the guns now have clips/magazines, which means that they must now be reloaded when ammo depletes. With default controls, guns can be reloaded by pressing the R key or by doing a left click Use / Attack when holding an empty gun. Currently selected gun's clip/magazine status can be seen in the right bottom corner of the screen. Other guns that don’t use a magazine start firing slowly then quickly speed up to normal speed.

Visuals[edit | edit source]

All overhauled guns now have new high quality sound effects that should be very satisfying to hear. Additionaly, gun flashes, firing lighting and screenshakes were added for much greater feedback.

List of Overhauled Guns[edit | edit source]

Boomstick.pngBoomstick Chain Gun.pngChaingun Clockwork Assault Rifle.pngClockwork Assault Rifle
Flamethrower.pngFlamethrower Flintlock Pistol.pngFlintlock Pistol Gatligator.pngGatligator
Grenade Launcher.pngGrenade Launcher Handgun.pngHandgun Laser Rifle.pngLaser Rifle
Megashark.pngMegashark Minishark.pngMinishark Musket.pngMusket
Nail Gun.pngNailgun Onyx Blaster.pngOnyx Blaster 9000 Phoenix Blaster.pngPhoenix Blaster
Red Ryder.pngRed Ryder Revolver.pngRevolver Rocket Launcher.pngRocket Launcher
S.D.M.G..pngS.D.M.G. Shotgun.pngShotgun Sniper Rifle.pngSniper Rifle
Space Gun.pngSpace Gun Star Cannon.pngStar Cannon Tactical Shotgun.pngTactical Shotgun
The Undertaker.pngThe Undertaker Uzi.pngUzi Venus Magnum.pngVenus Magnum