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In Terraria Overhaul, there have been multiple additions and rebalances to the way a player can move. Most of these have a great many uses, both to make the game more interesting and involved.

Dodge Rolls[edit | edit source]

Dodge Rolling is a new function in the Overhaul mod, easily done by pressing its dedicated key (Ctrl by default). This action forces the player to leap forwards into a roll, which provides brief immunity to most enemy attacks. Players are also able to change their midair trajectory completely with a Dodge Roll, quickly boosting in the chosen direction at a preset velocity, and fall damage is reduced somewhat when in mid-roll.

Most combat options are able to be cancelled with a dodge roll, including the broadsword and bow's charged attacks.

Jumping and Climbing[edit | edit source]

Jump height has been slightly reduced in Overhaul, but in exchange there have been a number of methods added to move in the air. By holding up, a player can climb up the edge of most non-slippery tiles, and go through platforms easily. Players are also able to Bunny Hop and Explosive Jump, with midair momentum not being capped at all.

  • Wall Flips
Players are also able to Wall Flip by changing their direction the moment they hit a wall (while looking towards it) at high speed. This puts the player into a Dodge Roll state, allowing them to quickly change direction without losing any horizontal velocity, and with additional brief invulnerability.
  • Wall Jump
Additionally, if the player has some form of Ninja Gear (Climbing Claws / Shoe Spikes / Tiger Climbing Gear / Master Ninja Gear), they may perform a more vertical Wall Jump that can be chained repeatedly by holding up when hitting a wall while looking in the opposite direction from it.

Other Movement[edit | edit source]

  • Entering liquids will allow players to slowly swim by holding up and jump. When swimming, the player will automatically climb the edge of a pool to exit.
  • Players are able to Goomba Stomp enemies by falling on them at high speeds. Gear that includes spiked shoes doubles damage inflicted this way.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.0: Feature introduced
  • 1.0.3: Swimming introduced; Dodgerolls given set horizontal velocity
  • 1.1: Dodgerolls no longer slow player on completion and reduce fall damage; Goomba Stomp implemented
  • 2.0: Wall Flips and Wall Jumping introduced; Basic Hop key added; Air friction while falling implemented
  • 2.0.1: Slippery tiles no longer climbable