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Shortsword Overhaul
Content Overhaul (Terraria Overhaul).pngThis is a page about an overhaul of a vanilla weapon type. The page on that weapon type itself can be found here.

Sword beats paper! Get one today.

The Merchant

Shortswords are one of the two main Sword types in the game, being in the inventory of any new character. While still one of the weakest weapon types, Terraria Overhaul has reworked them to still be useful to keep in the inventory.

Shortswords are the fastest melee weapons, and do slightly more damage than they do in vanilla Terraria. They're an equippable tool in the Quick Action wheel, and thus may be used to stab at targets at any time.

Changes & Additions[edit | edit source]

Attack Aiming[edit | edit source]

Swings with a shortsword will automatically jab towards the mouse cursor. While they have the shortest range, this allows for attacking enemies directly above or below the player, easily kiting enemies as you swing, and rapidly executing Head Strikes on close enemies.

Velocity Based Damage[edit | edit source]

As with most other melee weapons, damage dealt may be increased up to a x3 multiplier depending on the velocity of both the player and the target when an attack lands. This compliments the Shortsword's charged attack (Right Mouse Button Use / Attack), which is a flurry of three rapid Broadsword-esque swings.

Head Strikes[edit | edit source]

Precisely hitting an enemy's head will increase damage by 5%, always giving at least +1 damage point. An exclamation point (!) will appear after damage numbers when a head hit occurs.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 2.0: Weapon Overhaul introduced.
  • 4.0: Charged flurry attack implemented