Smoke Detector

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The distance of a Smoke Detector

The Smoke Detector is a placeable item in Terraria Overhaul that sends a wire signal. This item has 3 toggleable modes you can switch with using the right-click button.

Detection[edit | edit source]

The Smoke Detector detects smoke when there is a block on fire within a 10 block radius and loses detection when the fire goes away. When the smoke detector detects smoke, it turns its light red. Otherwise, it will stay gray. this is useful for telling if your house is on fire if you cant see the fire but its primary function is the different electrical modes listed below.

Modes[edit | edit source]

Send signal on detect and loss[edit | edit source]

This mode sends a signal when smoke is detected and when smoke is lost, hence its name.

Send signal on detection[edit | edit source]

This mode send a signal when smoke is detected.

Send signal repeatedly while detected[edit | edit source]

This mode sends a signal every 30 ticks (half a second).Verify