Thrown Weapons

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Thrown Weapon Overhaul
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Content Overhaul (Terraria Overhaul).pngThis is a page about an overhaul of a vanilla weapon type. The page on that weapon type itself can be found here.

Terraria Overhaul adds charging to Thrown Weapons, while mostly only buffing the class.

Changes & Additions[edit | edit source]

Charged Throws[edit | edit source]

Throws can now be charged by holding the Left Mouse Button Use / Attack. Stat scaling:

  • Charged: x1.50 damage, x1.50 knockback, x1.50 speed (x1.35 for boomerangs)
  • Non-charged: x1.05 damage, x1.00 knockback, x0.75 speed (x0.80 for boomerangs)

Headshots[edit | edit source]

All projectiles can deal headshots when Overhaul is installed. Precisely hitting an enemy's head will increase damage by 5%, always giving at least +1 damage point. An exclamation point (!) will appear after damage numbers when a head hit occurs.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.0: Weapon Overhaul introduced.