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Ultraterror adds currently of 5 new bosses available for the player to battle, and 3 minibosses.

Pre-Hardmode Bosses[edit | edit source]

Tidal Titan[edit | edit source]

Tidal Titan (Ultraterror).gif

A mid pre-hardmode difficulty boss which occasionally spawns during rain in the ocean, with an increased spawnrate after The Eater of Worlds has been defeated (If Tidal Titan hasn't already been defeated). It attacks mainly by causing tidal waves to erupt from the ground, jumping towards the player, and summoning homing bubbles, which have a chance to spawn a tide crab when popped. It despawns if it sinks into the water during the boss fight, so building some platforms is encouraged.

It drops Cracked Shell (Ultraterror).pngCracked Shells which can be used to make Tidal Shell armor (Ultraterror).pngTidal Shell armor, and a weapon for each class. Defeating it will also cause Azurite to generate in the caverns of your world.

Dunestock[edit | edit source]

Dunestock (Ultraterror).gif
Dried Canteen (Ultraterror).png

A post-skeletron desert boss which can be summoned using a Dried Canteen. It attacks by sending out a barrage of needles, tumbleweeds, and later on claws, as well as occasionally taking flight, leaving it's lower body behind to crawl after the player, and eventually landing back onto it, reforming. Be careful though, as it doesn't like it when pesky Terrarians demolish its legs....

It drops a weapon for every class but summoner, and two weapons for soul reaper.

Hardmode Bosses[edit | edit source]

Shadowcrawler[edit | edit source]

Shadowcrawler (Ultraterror).gif
Radioactive Spider Food (Ultraterror).png

A spider which can be fought as soon as Skeletron Prime has been defeated, but encouraged to be fought after all of the mechanical bosses. It attacks by telporting and jumping after the player whilst releasing cursed flames, and slamming down to cause eruptions of fire from the ground. It can be summoned using Radioactive Spider Food during the night.

It drops Tenebris armor (Ultraterror).pngTenebris armor, which is an armor for the Reaper class, as well as a weapon for each class.

Prototype I[edit | edit source]

Prototype (Ultraterror).gif
Plasma Core (Ultraterror).png

A post-Golem boss summoned by using a Plasma Core, which teleports around, creating patterns of lasers, spinning towards the player while releasing flames, and charging rapidly.

Post-Moon Lord Bosses[edit | edit source]

Shadow King[edit | edit source]

Shadow King (Ultraterror).gif
Demon Sigil (Ultraterror).png

A post-Moon Lord boss summoned by using a demon sigil. He attacks the player by hurling cursed flames, charging at the player, and creating mirages of himself to trick the player. Don't get cocky though, he has a dark secret, which he'll only show to the most worthy Terrarians....

Mini Bosses[edit | edit source]

Sangrune[edit | edit source]

Sangrune (Ultraterror).gif

Sangrune is a mid Pre-Hardmode miniboss that spawns occasionally during blood moons, at about the frequency of a Mothron. It attacks by ramming the player, increasing spawn rates, and using healing roars to keep its allies alive. They drop a large amount of Sanguine Fang (Ultraterror).pngSanguine Fangs, which can be used to craft the Sanguine set of items.

Radiator Oculus[edit | edit source]

Radiator Oculus (Ultraterror).gif

Radiator Oculus is a late hardmode miniboss that rarely spawns at night, or in the underworld. It attacks by charging at the player 3-5 times, similar to the Eye of Cthulhu, and then hovers around the player while firing wave-like beams that speed up as they fly. Under 50% health, they will fire three of these beams at the beggining of each charge in a pattern (similar to that of the vampire knives' knives).

Dark Matter[edit | edit source]

Dark Matter (Ultraterror).gif

Dark Matter is a post-Moon Lord miniboss that drops ingredients that will allow powerful upgrades, and is essential to defeat in progression. They mainly attack by hovering around the player and leaving a trail of homing fireballs, and occasionally charging, leaving behind a more dense trail of exploding fire, or teleporting around, firing flame projectiles that will speed up as they move.