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The Soul Reaper is the class added by the Ultraterror mod. It has weapons, armor, and accessories from the start of the game all the way up to the end game at Moon Lord. The weapons of this class deal Soul Stealing damage.

The reaper class focuses on landing as much hits as possible to lifesteal- and survive. This class has a new mechanic, known as vampirism, which is a value that slowly fills up to 100% while lifestealing. As it fills up, you will take extra damage (50% extra at 100%), and at its max, you can be saved from one fatal hit, which will reset it to 0%, bring you to 1 hp, and boost your lifesteal for three seconds.

Reaper armor typically falls in between ranged and melee in terms of defense.

Soul Stealing Damage[edit | edit source]

Soul Stealing damage is the unique damage type used by reapers, and is generally the easiest stat to increase through armor and accessories.

Vampirism[edit | edit source]

Vampirism Meter (Ultraterror).png

Vampirism is a mechanic unique to the Reaper class, which can be filled up by dealing damage which heals the player. It slowly increases as life-stealing damage is dealt to enemies and increases the damage taken by the player, up to a maximum of 50% extra. When the meter is full, a single fatal hit will instead reduce the player to 1 health, reset the meter, and boost the life-steal ability of the player for three seconds.