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Welcome to the Official Ultraterror Wiki (currently unreleased)

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About The Mod
The Terraria Ultraterror mod is another big content mod, which adds in an in-game storyline, currently a total of five new bosses, a new weapon class, and a bunch of unique accessories and items which will enhance the way you play Terraria. In the mod, you will recieve messages from other dimensions, and eventually even make visits to them in the future. You will have to master unique attacks portrayed by bosses, and learn powerful strategies with unique weapons.
  • New class, the Reaper, which lifesteals in return for high damage intake.
  • Plenty of new weapons.
  • 2 new shop NPCs.
  • Some new accessories.
  • 2 Minibosses.
  • 5 Bosses.
  • Coil guns, a new ranged weapon type.