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Varia adds three new biomes with various new Items and Enemies.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

Cavity[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerCavity (Varia).png

The Cavity is a biome made of Holestone, Cacitian Ore, and surrounded by Stone. Various enemies spawn in the cavity, and they drop Mutated Blob, which are used to craft Cacitian gear.

Everlasting Breeze[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerEverlastingBreeze (Varia).png

The Everlasting Breeze is a city in the clouds, with buildings made of Starplate Bricks and furniture. Glistenyn Ore also spawns in the biome, which can be used to make Glistenyn gear in Hardmode.

Old World[edit | edit source]

File:BiomeBannerOldWorld (Varia).png

The Old World is a ruined city made of Worn Brick. There are various chests with new gear in them. There are various enemies there that drop Shard of the Past and Old World Alloy, which are used to craft old world-themed gear.