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  • Everjust item sprite
Damage52 Melee
Critical chance4%
Tooltipy'all everjust true melee nice guy
i can't believe someone took the time to actually sprite this
what did dawn say at the end of that one video
oh right, yeah,
where is my dev set
right there was also something about the ocean and being eternal
idrc tho
by the way if dawn sees this don't worry about the ancient manipulator thing you can use it for nice guy
anyway yeah enjoy this dawn
i reward your efforts with more efforts muahahahaha
also rip dawn's sanity after nohitting angel trap
oh one last thing
this weapon can crash your game if you favorite it so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T DO THAT AAAAAA
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell80 Silver Coin.png

The Everjust is a Hardmode sword. It is the biggest weapon in the mod, being able to hit enemies nearly half a screen away. Its sprite is so large, that making out details on the weapon's inventory icon is incredibly difficult.