Everlasting Breeze

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File:BiomeBannerEverlastingBreeze (Varia).png

The Everlasting Breeze is a biome which spawns in the center of the sky. No enemies spawn in the biome, making it peaceful.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Everlasting Breeze
Unique Drops
From terrain:
Starplate Brick (Varia).pngStarplate Brick
Starplate Door (Varia).pngStarplate Door
Starplate Chair (Varia).pngStarplate Chair
Starplate Table (Varia).pngStarplate Table
Starplate Torch (Varia).pngStarplate Torch
Starplate Wall (Varia).pngStarplate Wall
Galaxian Mirror (Varia).pngGalaxian Mirror
Holestone Block (Varia).pngHolestone Block
Glistenyn Ore (Varia).pngGlistenyn Ore

Notes[edit | edit source]

The biome overlaps with the Planetoids from Calamity.