The Anomaly

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The Anomaly
The Anomaly (Varia).png
AI TypeAnomaly AI
Damage??? / ???
Max Life38,000 / 100,000
KB Resist100%

The Anomaly is the current final boss of Varia. She is fought after Nice Guy but before Golem.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

The Anomaly does not spawn on her own and is summoned with Null at any time and anywhere.

Movement[edit | edit source]

The boss teleports around, being stationary between teleports. She will be summoning certain boxes with eyes that will launch projectiles at the player, in all 4 directions or just ram the player. There are 6 rectangles that spawn with the boss, they are all destructible except for the last one, where the player will be forced inside the last one.

At this phase, she will launch projectiles at the player whilst still teleporting. But the projectiles are destructible since you cannot dodge them.

The next phase initiates after the player has depleted her previous health bar. She will still teleport around, but will be moving between teleports. Where she will try to ram the player and launch the same projectiles from the previous phase (which will home onto the player until destroyed)