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Volcanit has a set of items called Cards. Cards are used to give the player effects. All cards are crafted with Blank Card, which is bought from the Wizard.

Icon Card Effects
Blank Card (Volcanit).png Blank Card None
Card Of Abomination (Volcanit).png Card Of Abomination Gives Dazed, Wrath, and Ichor buffs.
Card Of Alertion (Volcanit).png Card Of Alertion Gives Dangersense, Hunter,Battle, and Spelunker buffs.
Card Of Assassination (Volcanit).png Card Of Assassination Gives Thorns, Wrath, Magic Power, Summoning, Rage, and Inferno buffs.
Card Of Chronation (Volcanit).png Card Of Chronation Changes time by 12 in game hours.
Card Of Expedition (Volcanit).png Card Of Expedition Gives Night Owl, Builder, and Mining buffs.
Card Of Exploration (Volcanit).png Card Of Exploration Gives Gravitation, Shine, and Calm buffs.
Card Of Marination (Volcanit).png Card Of Marination Gives Gills, Sonar, Fishing, Flipper, and Crate buffs.
Card Of Mechination (Volcanit).png Card Of Mechination Imbues Nanites, Gives Archer and Ammo Preservation buffs.
Card Of Protection (Volcanit).png Card Of Protection Gives Endurance, Iron Skin, Warm, and Obsidian Skin buffs.
Card Of Restoration (Volcanit).png Card Of Restoration Gives Regeneration, Lifeforce, Mana Regeneration, and Heartreach buffs.
Card Of Transportation (Volcanit).png Card Of Transportation Teleports the player to the position of their Cursor