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“Dungeon Master update”
Release date April 3rd, 2018
Version chronology
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W1K's Mod Redux/Version history

The 1.1 update is a major content update, adding a new boss, new enemies, and new boss themed gear. It also reworked some of the existing content.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

The changelog was taken from here.

DEATH THE DUNGEON MASTER[edit | edit source]

  • Death is no more. All hail Jeohnne Pierre, our great Dungeon Master!
  • Death's AI received a massive overhaul and its tier moved from pre-mech to post-golem. I mean Dungeon Master's AI. You get it.
  • Dungeon Master's HP changed from 9999 to 66666, defenes changed from 18 to 44.
  • Dungeon Master's physical damage changed from 50 to 99, projectile damage changed from 40 to 66.
  • Bloody Skull item removed. New summon item craftable from Ectoplasm. Vampire Blood and Souls of Night requirements reduced from 6 to 3.

DEATH'S GEARS[edit | edit source]

  • Death's Scythe completelly reworked to not be just a glorified sword but a fancy and unique chargeable weapon. Death's Scythe recipe simplified to only require Obscure Essences. Material requirement reduced from 40 to 15 to fall in line with other similar recipes. It also has a new sprite (contributed by Suweeka).
  • New chargeable bow with extra piercing on full charge.
  • New chargeable spellbook shooting tiny or giant death sickles.
  • New generalist armor set granting below average damage to all types but a powerful risk-reward set bonus.

UMBRELLAS AND FAIRIES[edit | edit source]

  • Craftable Suspicious Umbrella to increase global spawn rates, alongside greatly increasing spawn rates of fairies and similar enemies.
  • Power Ups can now be used to provide a constant buff when used, consuming Power Ups over time for extra damage.
  • New Hotkey to automatically toggle the Power Up buff.
  • Koumajou Set renamed to Youkai Hunter, now a throwing-centered armor set providing reduced Power Up costs.
  • Rumia's vanity set renamed to Dark Child set, now providing extra defense, damage reduction, blindness and enemy-sense when powered up.
  • Forest Fairies
  • Ice Fairies
  • Underground Fairies (Zombie Fairies)
  • Hallowed Fairies (Holy Fairies) (also fancy sword projectile contributed by puffepuf)
  • Evil Fairies (Cursed Fairies)
  • UFOs! (kinda placeholdery)
  • Youkai Repellent Charm's type changed from magic to throwing. Damage increased from 9 to 12. Now consumes Power Ups as ammo. Can consume extra Power Ups for a special attack.
  • Youkai Buster now cosumes Power Ups as ammo and can consume extra Power Ups for a special attack. The type will not be altered for the time being due to the lack of hardmode throwing gears, however it no longer requires mana to be used.
  • Recipe requirements adjusted to fit the new Power Up system and drop rates. Dark Child's set recipe changed to now require Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples. Youkai Buster recipe adjusted to require 20 Crystal Shards instead of 50.
  • Rumia's spawn chances are affected by the umbrella and base spawn chance was slighly lowered to compensate. Her sprite was also slighly improved (by Suweeka).

Item Adjustements and Fixes AKA the 'Ivy Plant didn't even spawn' UPDATE[edit | edit source]

  • Increased damage of Sandman from 8 to 10. The baseball now deals full weapon damage instead of half.
  • Reworked charge system of Chick Decapitator and Red Wing to allow for prefixes to work properly.
  • Reworked spirit system of Yian Blade and Wyvern Blade to allow for prefixes to work properly. Spirit is now used by swinging the blade with alt fire (right click). Spirit is no longer wasted when used but no target was hit, but is now consumed per-target hit.
  • Drastically reduced lifetime of Obscure Scythe's projectiles and updated tooltip to specify it only deals half the weapon's damage.
  • Reworked charge system of Elemental Piercer to allow for prefixes to work properly.
  • Increased knockback of Masamune from 1 to 1.75.
  • Increased damage of Papasha from 21 to 23 and spread reduced.
  • Increased damage of Heavy Bolter from 27 to 34 and spread reduced.
  • Saucer Dicer's alternate fire no longer bounces on platforms and will no longer shoot target dummies.
  • The hitbox of miasma now grows slightly bigger as the sprite expands to better fit the new size.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker granting life when damaging target dummies and critters.
  • Fixed Yian Blade and Wyvern Blade being able to charge spirit from hitting target dummies.
  • Fixed Cursed Flower not properly spawning Ivy Plant in multiplayer.
  • Okiku Doll's damage tooltip should now be calculated the same as the vanilla damage tooltips. Dolls are now stackable.
  • New unique sprite for the Shadow Dragon morph (contributed by ShockedHorizon5).
  • New updated sprite for Magi Musket (contributed by Eli10293).
  • New sprite for Starstorm's projectiles and Soma (contributed by @Suweeka).
  • New unique sprites for Dungeon Master, Ivy Plant, Ardorix, Arborix and Aquatix's expert mode bags (contributed by Suweeka).
  • Renamed Thick Gel into Metroid Membrane because it sounds more straight forward and less... weird.
  • Renamed Thick Paper into Paper because... not even I know the story behind that one.
  • All item prices should now be as intended. Please report overly ridiculous price tags in case I missed anything.
  • The recipe for the Jump Pack has been removed as the item is currently not functional.
  • The recipe for the Red Bludgeon has been removed since it is currently unobtainable.
  • Fixed tooltip for the Space Suit Helmet stating an increase in max health of 8 instead of the intended 5.

NPC Adjustements and Fixes AKA the SLUGGERS UPDATE[edit | edit source]

  • Changed Ivy Plant's HP from 6000 to 8600.
  • Changed Ardorix's HP from 6000 to 7600 and physical damage from 25 to 33.
  • Changed Arborix's HP from 6000 to 7600 and physical damage from 30 to 33.
  • Changed Aquatix's HP from 6000 to 7600.
  • Ridley will now scale in expert mode.
  • Dark Shogun's Damned Souls will now properly scale in expert mode.
  • Dark Dragon's Shadow Dragon will now properly scale in expert mode.
  • Changed Ridley's Tail HP from 4000 to 6000 and physical damage from 60 to 56.
  • Ridley's Tail is now considered a boss and will scale in expert mode properly.
  • Adjusted Slugger's ball trajectory to better accommodate for the effect of gravity. Fear trigonometry now more than ever.
  • Sluggers will now only try to shoot when close enough and will now play the appropriate sound when throwing a baseball.
  • Sluggers no longer occasionally bail after throwing a baseball. Rude.
  • Sluggers will now cancel their ball throw when damaged.
  • Slugger's spawn chances and location have been adjusted to better match vanilla zombies.
  • Fixed Sluggers bunnyhoping while trying to align their shot. Please understand, they main Scout.
  • Fixed Sluggers smuggling in shotguns in multiplayer, once again. Seriously.
  • Fixed Ivy Plant triggering rage mode in multiplayer despite being in the underground jungle.
  • Fixed Ivy Plant not properly scaling up in expert mode.
  • Metroid Larvaes now deal 20 damage instead of 30.
  • Vampire Phantoms will now only spawn on the surface layer, as intended.

OTHER UPDATE[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed potential major crash preventing mod from being loaded depending on one's load order.
  • Slightly tweaked the chargeable weapons logic to prevent Thorium from turning Elemental Piercer into megashark.
  • Fixed Shadow Dragon morph's projectiles not taking into account summon damage bonuses from other loaded mods.
  • Temporary extra measures were added to the Shadow Dragon morph to prevent/reduce conflicts with NPC prefix/suffix mods.
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