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“Slingshot update”
Release date April 17rd, 2018
Version chronology
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1.1 (W1K's Mod Redux) 1.1.1 (W1K's Mod Redux)
W1K's Mod Redux/Version history

The 1.1.1 update is small content update, focusing mostly on bugfixes and rebalances.

This update introduces an expansion of Slingshots weapons, introducing more weapons and ammos.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

The changelog is taken from here.

New content[edit | edit source]

Items changes[edit | edit source]

  • Stone Pebbles recipe adjusted to result into 25 pebbles from a single Stone Block instead of 10.
  • Lowered Wooden Slingshot's projectile speed from 10 to 9. Now has a charge mechanic.
  • Sandman's swing speed slightly lowered (from 20 to 22 useTime), it can now be used by just holding down the mouse button, baseball is now thrown with right click and deals twice weapon damage (instead of just weapon damage).
  • Youkai Repellent Charm's damage lowered from 12 to 10. Projectile speed lowered from 12 to 10. Projectile now fades over time. Alt fire now has a 2 second cooldown between uses.
  • Youkai Hunter Dress' throwing damage damage bonus lowered from 15% to 5%.
  • Youkai Hunter Skirt's throwing critical chance removed, replaced with a 5% bonus to throwing damage.
  • Improved sprites for Phoenix Talon, Phoenix Breath, Elemental Chakram and Elemental Piercer (contributed by Suweeka)
  • Shadow Dragon Morph adjusted to revert multiplayer sync to what it was before version 1.1, with an alternative code to still ensure the damage is calculated properly.
  • Added missing tooltips to the Youkai Hunter set pieces.
  • Fixed Dread turning Unholy Arrows into Chlorophyte Arrows on full charge (yes this was unintended).

NPC changes[edit | edit source]

  • Zombie Fairy's defense reduced from 15 to 10, coin drops reduced from 2s to 1s 50c, spawn chance while the Umbrella is being carried has been very slightly increased.
  • Metroid Larvaes will now more consistently attach to the player's head on hit rather than proximity.
  • Increased Kut-Ku's, Rathalos', Ridley's and Dungeon Master's boss drop amount from 20-35 to 30-45 to guarantee at least one full armor set worth of materials.
  • Restored Dungeon Master's Disintegrate spell. We all know dungeon masters are allergic to transmutation.
  • Slighly adjusted Aquatix's Swirl particles in an attempt to slightly improve visibility.
  • Fixed Vampire Phantoms not resetting their fireballs timer upon being damaged.

Other changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Okiku's entry on boss checklist to list the correct crafting materials.
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